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"Galaxy Pink!"
―Pink Galaxy Ranger's Roll Call[src]

Kendrix Morgan is the first Galaxy Pink of the Galaxy Rangers. Kendrix is also the first Power Ranger to die in the line of duty.

She is also referred to as Pink Galaxy Ranger or Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger - variations on her in-show label, though the latter is more in reference to the show than a proper label.


Lost Galaxy

Kendrix was introduced as a science officer aboard the space station Terra Venture. She was one of the six people to travel through a spatial rift to Mirinoi in the first episode, and she drew a Quasar Saber that allowed her to transform into the Pink Galaxy Ranger.

Kendrix became the first Power Ranger who has ever been killed, sacrificing herself to save Terra Venture and the powers of Cassie Chan, the Pink Space Ranger.

Savage sword shatters

Savage Sword shatters

Spirit of Kendrix

Kendrix's spiritual form

When Karone was thrown off a cliff by Trakeena, Kendrix appeared as a spirit and passed on her Morpher (and with it her powers) to Karone, who promptly retrieved the Quasar Saber from Trakeena and helped save the rest of the Rangers. When the Quasar Sabers were returned to Mirinoi in the finale, Kendrix was restored to life by the magic of the Quasar Sabers placed in their stone. It was not seen when Karone returned her Morpher to her, but it seems likely as Kendrix appeared again with her Galaxy Powers in the following show.

Spirit of Pink

The Spirit of Pink Galaxy

Lightspeed Rescue

In Lightspeed Rescue, Kendrix became the Pink Galaxy Ranger once more and joined the Lightspeed Rangers in defeating Triskull and Trakeena. She then returns to Mirinoi.

She did not appear in Super Megaforce, having given her powers back to Karone. The reasons for this are unknown though a possible reason is because Kendrix thought Karone was a better Pink Galaxy Ranger than she is.

Legacy of Power

The Galaxy Rangers were featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab.

Death & Absences

Kendrix' death was in The Power of Pink. At the end of the previous episode, only Psycho Pink managed to survive from the battle while the other Psycho Rangers didn't; she was then rejuvenated by Deviot. During the battle with Psycho Pink on Rashon, Cassie was defeated and demorphed which caused her to drop her Astro Morpher. Psycho Pink saw this to her advantage and stabbed Cassie's morpher with the Savage Sword, creating a deadly pink energy storm, putting Terra Venture and Cassie in danger.

While the Space and Galaxy Rangers destroyed Psycho Pink, Kendrix went to destroy the Savage Sword,despite Cassie and the other Rangers rushing to stop her. Kendrix destroyed the Savage Sword with her Quasar Saber, but at the cost of her life from the Savage Sword's backlash blast. The other Rangers arrived too late as the storm faded away. They were greeted by Kendrix's spirit who told them "I'm okay. I'll always be here" and disappeared in her spirit form, leaving Cassie's morpher repaired and the other Rangers heartbroken for her sacrifice and death.

Kendrix first reappeared in the following episode when she informed Maya in a dream that her Quasar Saber landed in the wrong hands. The Saber was then stolen by Karone, posing as her former identity. When Karone was later thrown off a cliff by Trakeena, Kendrix's spirit appeared and transferred her powers to Karone, allowing her to become the second Pink Galaxy Ranger. From then on to the 3 part finale, Kendrix remains absent but maintains her position as part of the main cast.

Resurrection & Reappearance

Kendrix' resurrection was seen at the end of the 3 part finale. When the Rangers returned to Mirinoi, they placed the Quasar Sabers back in the stone as before. Magic sparks came from the Quasar Sabers, demorphing the Rangers and restoring Mirinoi back to its former glory. Not only were the inhabitants of Miniroi freed from Furio's stoning spell but Kendrix was also restored. Kendrix told the other Rangers that "I knew you'd make it here" and thanked Karone for filling in for her absence. The Rangers celebrated their victory with fireworks along with the Galactabeasts.

Kendrix returned to Earth to join her teammates and the Lightspeed Rangers against a resurrected Trakeena. She fought alongside Dana Mitchell her Pink Ranger successor. After defeating Trakeena, Kendrix and her teammates say their goodbyes to the new Rangers and then return to Mirinoi.

Years later, Kendrix gave Karone her Morpher and Quasar Saber once again so that she could assist her team and defend Harwood County from the invasion of the Armada on Earth. It can be assumed she stayed to defend Mirinoi while her team was absent.


Highly intelligent and analytical by nature, Kendrix has an interest in all things scientific. She always has a logical explanation for everything and that sometimes prevents her from seeing the wonder that's around her. Her blossoming friendship with free-spirited Leo teaches her to have a more fun loving and spontaneous side to her. She is also one of the most loyal, caring, brave and strong characters seen in the franchise as she is always worried for her friends and protects them, when Cassie Chan was about to lose her morpher she didn't hesitate and gave her own life to destroy the Pink Psycho Ranger and as a spirit she looked for the right person to now transfer her powers and proved herself to be really wise once again by choosing the newly reformed Karone to fill in her shoes.

Galaxy Pink


Ranger Costume



Appearances: LG Episodes 2-31, LR Episode 30


Lights of Orion Armor



Appearances: LG Episodes 13-17, 19-30, LR Episode 30

Ranger Key

GingaPink Ranger Key

The Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger Key.

The Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger Key is Kendrix's personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Emma Goodall (Super Megaforce Pink) who uses it to fight as the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger.


  • Other characters had been written out of the show on several occasions but Kendrix was the first to die (although no one on the show ever directly stated that fact.) However, she was not the first major character to die in Power Rangers - Zordon had died in the finale of the previous season Power Rangers in Space (Alpha 5 is also assumed in many cases to have been destroyed as well although there is no conclusive proof), and the positive response from that sacrifice may have encouraged writers to make an even more important character die likewise.
    • Another viable reason for having Kendrix die is that the actress portraying her, Valerie Vernon, was diagnosed with leukemia thus forcing her to leave the show mid-way through. However, she later returned for the season finale and the subsequent team-up episodes with Lightspeed Rescue.
  • She is the first female and second Power Ranger to wear glasses. Five other Power Rangers who wore glasses were male: Billy Cranston from Mighty Morphin, Danny Delgado from Wild ForceCam Watanabe from Ninja StormNoah Carver from Megaforce and Nate Silva from Beast Morphers. Another female Power Ranger wearing glasses did not occur until Kendall Morgan from Dino Charge.
  • Originally, Leo and Kendrix were to be romantically involved but the subplot was subsequently scrapped when Valerie Vernon was diagnosed with leukemia though the relationship was somewhat hinted at in the earlier half of the season. In fact, after the half of the season in episode 28, Leo had a romance with Ginger, a girl from Terra Venture (A Red Romance).
  • Her death and coming back as a spirit is similar to Star Wars, when after a Jedi Master dies or killed in action, they come back as a Force Ghost.


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