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Kendamalar is Vader Monster "49" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Kendamalar is created alongside Karakurilar to help retake Vader Castle from Sakkalar and Demon King Banriki after the space barbarian takes over their reigns. After freeing Queen Hedrian and her forces, Kendamalar grows giant and, with the help of Karakurilar, defeats Sakkalar and helps the Vader Clan retake full control of their reigns. With the initial Vader crisis over, Kendamalar faces the Denziman; the team uses the sparks of their Denzi Sticks to stop it, then defeat it completely with DaiDenzin.


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His main weapons are its tremendous strength to use an immense kendama ball-and-hammer weapon to attack opponents, change his size, and spawn psychic explosions.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Kendamalar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Based on the numerical system of the Vader Monsters, Kendamalar is the last one chronologically (being #49); but its partner Karakurilar is the final Vader Monster fought by Denziman (even though it was #48).


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