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Kendama Robo is a giant robot made of wood that took seven years to make.


Yuji Mita was asked to test it out, but he didn't do so well on his first try. Empress Hysteria had it be replaced with Bara Kendama. The next day, Yuji Mita climbed into Bara Kendama with no idea that the real Kendama Robo was switched and thought he got better with kendama because of how well Bara Kendama did it. The trap was then sprung and Bara Kendama trapped Yuji in his seat and started to attack. OhGreen later used the real Kendama Robo to wrap the legs of the impostor up to allow Red Puncher to break Bara Kendama's window to allow OhYellow and OhPink to get inside and save Yuji.


  • It appears that Kendama Robo and Bara Kendama share a costume.
    • This is evident because, between the time Bara Kendama falls to the ground and the time Kendama Robo shows up next to Red Puncher, the footage appears to be cut and the only time they're shown onscreen together is when the Barlo Soldier is moving it, which appears to be using a green-screen effect.
  • Although the concept of Bara Kendama being based on Kendama Robo was dropped for Bara Kendama's PR counterpart, Wrecking Ball, footage of Kendama Robo was used for when Sprocket was controlling and failing with Wrecking Ball, becoming upset to the point of crying.
    • The reason for it being dropped is because it never fights and would have no value aside from unmorphed Yuji which they couldn't use for obvious reasons.
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