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Ken'ichi Yamada is a student at the Musashino Academy who briefly becomes Blue Turbo after taking the Turbo Brace from Youhei Hama.

Character History

Ken'ichi was a nerdy student at the same academy as the other Turborangers who was smart with his studies but weak physically, leading to bullying and torment. When Gunman Bōma attacked around the school, Ken'ichi witnessed the Turboranger transforming and believed that he himself could be one to prove he can be a hero as well. But the team, particularly Yohei, says he can't due to not having training nor the power of the fairies within himself. Surprisingly, Ken'ichi did have the latter, having visited the tree where Fairy Seelon resided as a boy like the other Turborangers and bathed in the fairy power; and knowing this, he was more determined to be a Turboranger. Using a drugged bento box he gives Yohei, he steals the Blue Turbo Turbo Brace and soon uses it, becoming a Turboranger himself to stop a robbery. But when Yohei tries to get it back, both become attacked by Gunman Boma leading to the real Blue Turbo's capture.

With the other Turborangers bothering Ken'ichi to return the brace so that Yohei would continue his duty, Ken'ichi tries to figure a way to save him to prove that he could be a hero. Using his scientific knowledge, he creates a special bomb within a bullet, then charges into battle with the Blue Turbo powers to sneak it in before he is shot down and untransforms. While Yohei retakes the Turbo Brace to return to his duty, Ken'ichi's move worked like a charm, with the bullet bomb blowing up in Gunman Boma's face allowing the Turboranger the opening to finish him off. In the end, Ken'ichi finally had the courage to do what he could without the need to be a Turboranger anymore.

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