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This article is about a/an actor in multiple series in the Power Rangers franchise.

Kelson Henderson is a New Zealander actor who is well-versed on stage and on screen. He has had brief roles in various shows, but he is more well known for his work on Power Rangers. He has both physically portrayed and voiced characters for the series since Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.

Henderson was a guest at the Power Morphicon in June of 2007 and August of 2018.[1]





  • Henderson has become prehaps the most proliffic physical actor in the franchise, having roles in all but one of the Disney Era seasons and all but three of the Neo-Saban seasons. This puts him ahead of Jason David Frank who has only been in eight and even then as mostly the same character and usually for only single apperances (usually team-ups).
    • However, he is not the most proliffic voice actor in the franchise as he only occasionally voices monsters and even then sometimes years apart. The most proliffic voice actor would go to either Tom Wyner, Michael Sorich (who was also the last of the original voice actors from the Saban Era to voice a monster), Dave Mallow, or Campbell Cooley.

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