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Keiichi Wada played Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star (RyuuRanger) in Gosei Sentai Dairanger and reprising the role for:

He played Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek in the Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive movie Sudden Shock! A New Warrior.

Wada also had a role in Kamen Rider: the first Kamen Rider Ryuki, Koichi Sakakibara, in that series' alternative telling of the Kamen Rider Ryuki story, Kamen Rider Ryuki Special: 13 Riders.

Wada, along with his successor, Teruaki Ogawa was a motion capture actor in Resident Evil 4 who portrayed Luis Sera.

In Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2, during the altered timeline where the 17th official Super Sentai was Gosei Sentai Akibaranger instead of Dairanger, it is shown that he played the role of Akiba Red in that timeline, with his civilian costume being based on that of Nobuo Akagi.

In 2016, he made a rare appearance in the US as a guest at Power Morphicon.


  • His Power Morphicon Bio for Morphicon 5 contains an error, as it states he actually portrayed AkibaRed in Akibaranger Season Tsuu. This is incorrect as it was Masato Wada reprising his role. The cause of the confusion being they share a similar last name and the episode story of Gosei Sentai Akibaranger becoming an official Sentai with Wada acting in show as AkibaRed, but this was only mentioned and never actually seen.[1]

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