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Kazuya Motomura (本村 カズヤ Motomura Kazuya) is one of the lead engineers of the Energy Management Center. He was in charge of BC-04. The designs of the new Buster Machine were kept by him in a secure storage facility in the EMC's Development Department, in a chamber barred from network, wireless or radio signal functionality.

Kazuya was good friends with Ryuji Iwasaki for years up til high school. They both dreamt of becoming engineers and were mentored by some of the best MegaZord engineers. The incident 13 years ago caused them to lose their mentors to hyperspace. While Ryuji fell out of circulation (becoming a Go-Buster), Kazuya continued his studies.

Years later Kazuya and Ryuji were surprised that they both work at the EMC. Kazuya is even more surprised to learn that Ryuji had gone on to be a Go-Buster. Unbeknownst to Ryuji, however, Kazuya had grown bored of his job. No longer caring for the task at hand, he had arranged for a sale of the BC-04's blueprints to Enter. The Go-Busters realized that Kazuya was party to a break-in at the Development Department and Ryuji decides to confront him. Kazuya reveals he is no longer interested in becoming an engineer. While Ryuji fights off DrillRoid (destroying the mainframe in the process) he entrusts the hard drive to Kazuya, believing that despite what he says, Kazuya will still protect his life's work. Kazuya realizes his fault and attempts to spirit the drive away for safekeeping. Unfortunately, Enter still accept stealing his hard drive and mission was failure.

Kazuya apologizes profusely to Ryuji, who decides to let Kazuya continue on with his life's work, not turning him in for leaking confidential blueprints to the enemy.

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