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Kazemi (カーゼミー Kāzemī) is a kingfisher-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "Yesterday once again/Hier une fois de plus" piece from the Lupin Collection. He is the final standard Gangler monster to be faced.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Combustive Energy Spheres: Due to the Yesterday once again/Hier une fois de plus treasure equipped within his safe, Kazemi can generate blue energy spheres that explode on impact.


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  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 199 kg
  • Criminal Record: obstruction of execution of public affairs
  • Lupin Collection: Yesterday once again/Hier une fois de plus clock
  • Gangler Safe Location: Gut
  • Password Number: 5-0-2

Behind the Scenes



Kazemi concept

concept art

  • Animal Theme: Kingfisher
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Coraciiformes
  • His name comes from the Japanese word for a kingfisher (カワセミ Kawasemi).
  • Kazemi's suit contains elements of Jenko Copamino's suit and Ruretta Gerou's suit.
    • This is ironic as Ruretta was the first Gangler Monster to appear in the show and Kazemi is the last one.


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