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Kaylee is the love interest and girlfriend of Chase Randall from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

Character History

Kaylee is first seen at the skate park where Chase is showing her a skill exhibition. After Singe and Wrench try to attack her and an old lady. Chase shows up as the Dino Charge Black Ranger and saves her as Kaylee begins to have a crush on the Black Ranger. Chase becomes shocked that Kaylee is going to break up with him, because she is in love with the Black Ranger. She then rejects him for good and Chase manages to win the heart of Kaylee by morphing into the Black Ranger again. After spending some time together, Chase manages to dump Kaylee as the Black Ranger for good. After the battle, Chase and Kaylee reconcile their relationship as Kaylee returns her feelings to Chase and Chase gets distracted by the grill when Shelby warns Chase that he got distracted from the grill again.

In the episode "Love At First Fight", Kaylee at first feels neglected because Chase keeps making excuses. She catches Chase while he is trying to flirt with Beauticruel (in Britney's body) to make her return to her Vivix body, which strains their relationship almost to the breaking point. When she discovers that Chase is the Black Ranger during the battle with Beauticruel, she understands why she was attracted to the Black Ranger at first and also why Chase has to make excuses so often. She prevents him from breaking up out of guilt, and instead promises to keep his secret.

In the episode "End of Extinction", Kaylee helps, with the rest of the Humanity, the Rangers to destroy the Dark Energem and Sledge's Crew who are sucked by a black hole (created by the destruction of the Dark Energem). Unfortunately, the Earth and all humans are sucked by the black hole too. But when the Rangers and Heckyl defeat Sledge and his crew for good in the past, Zenowing and Heckyl destroy Arcanon and Singe off-screen (as well as Conductro and Screech). Then the Earth and the humans are saved, as well as Kaylee.

In the last episode "Here Comes Heximas", Kaylee appears in Chase's flashbacks when Ivan cures him. We learn too that Chase and Kaylee are always together.


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