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"Kawazugami. Roger gero! As Yaiba-sam's plan says, I will go steal the doll gero!"
―Kawazugami's first words[src]
―Kawazugami's first words after being enlarged[src]

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Character History

Kawazugami (カワズガミ, Kawazugami, 9): Created from an old purse and a new vacuum cleaner, ending his sentences with "geko-geko". After being defeated by the Dual Crasher Combination Crash (used by BoukenRed) and being restored, he gobbled part of an elderly woman's house (taking the woman herself), but Masumi Inou used the GoGo Crane (with assistance from DaiBouken, which forced Kawazugami's huge mouth wide open) to free the hostage (and the part of her house that he swallowed). Kawazugami was subsequently terminated by DaiBouken Drill and Crane's Lift-Up Strike.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Has the ability of Cyclone suction to absorb objects and save them in money pouches.



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Behind the Scenes

  • "Kawazu" (蛙, "Kawazu") means "toad" in Japanese a pun due to purses being compared to a toad's mouth (がま口, gamaguchi) in Japan.
  • He is based on Gekisou Sentai Carranger's Victrailer.

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