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"Your stance indicates aggression. Are you warriors of some invading tribe trying to take over Kyoto?"

Katana is an alien whose ship crashed in Kyoto, Japan many years ago. He was found by a member of the Shinsengumi and trained to protect it from invaders. He is brought to the future through a time portal by Emperor Gruumm and is startled by the changes. Broodwing convinces him that the Power Rangers are his enemies, but he battles the Red Ranger and decides that he is an honorable fighter. Katana decides to return to the past through another time portal Samurai (episode).

He is mentioned again in "Messenger Part 2" by Sky after he realized that the Omega Ranger had arrived around the time of their last encounter with him.

Powers and abilities.

  • Strength-Although not really shown, being more of a refined swordsman than a brawler, katana was able to block Jack's borrowed Shadow Sabre with the back of his hand during thier duel.
  • Durability-Like his strength, this was not really shown but an energised slash from the Shadow Sabre just split his helmet innhalf and did no significant damage.
  • Swordsmanship-Katana is a master with his sword, being able to overpower all five Rangers and stop thier weapons easily.
  • Quick to The Draw-Kayana is very quick to draw his sword, as shown by how he immediately went for his sword when Jack surprised him in the bamboo forest.


  • Katana-True to his name, Katana carries around a sword that's nearly as big as he is for combat.
    • Energy Deflection-Katana can deflect energy away from his using his katana, as shown when he did this to the blasts from Sky's blaster.
  • Surprisingly Shiny-Katana demonstrated this when he uses sunlight to blind jack for a second at the beginning of thier duel.
    • Sword of Kyoto-Katana's bizzarely named signature attack. He would make lightning strike in front of him which would charge up his sword with blue energy before unleashing a single blue slash down the centre of the screen. One strike took down all five unmorphed Rangers and agai. During thier second battle when they were all morphed.

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