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"S.P.D. Emergency!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Power Rangers- S.P.D

Power Rangers- S.P.D. - Kat Ranger Morph

The Kat Morpher was used by Kat Manx and given to her by Supreme Commander Birdie. It is styled the same way as the Delta Morphers. Presumably, it works the same way the Patrol Morpher does, but without a S.W.A.T. Mode.

It is described as a disposable model and can only be used for 60 minutes, which is one hour. However, disposable morphers like this can be mass produced as the morphers themselves are not specifically made to a ranger, they can be assigned to non-ranger officers or rangers who are waiting for a functioning Delta Morpher. It is still unknown if one can somehow be recharged or the time spent morphed through the use of it can be extended.

Morphing Sequence

Kat transforms into her ranger form with the call "S.P.D. Emergency!"

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