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"S.P.D. Kat Ranger!"
―S.P.D. Kat Ranger's roll call[src]

Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx is the head of R&D at S.P.D.'s Earth Delta Base. She later temporarily becomes the S.P.D. Kat Ranger as an extra Ranger of the S.P.D. Rangers.



Kat is the Rangers' technical support. She has designed most of the Rangers' weapons and is Anubis Cruger's trusted assistant and friend. Her home planet was also attacked by the Troobian Empire so she joined S.P.D.'s fight against evil. Kat has also been shown to have great fighting skills. During a battle with Krybots, she was able to morph once and become the Kat Ranger. However, this was only temporary and those Ranger powers were never seen again.

When Kat was young she attended the Science Academy alongside Professor Mooney where she frequently found herself above him in terms of social and educational status much to his chagrin; this left Mooney with a strong dislike for her and a bitter desire to prove himself which eventually drove him mad.

In 2001 Kat worked with the parents of the B-Squad Rangers in developing the morphing technology used in the S.P.D. Morphers. However, these experiments had side-effects that while not affecting Kat did affect the B-Squad's parents and thus their children–who would become the B-Squad–got their civilian powers.

Later on in the season she is recruited to S.P.D. Central Command as requested by Fowler Birdy. She returns to Earth with a temporary Morpher and becomes the S.P.D. Kat Ranger to stop an adult Mooney. Although her time as a Ranger is limited (her Morpher has only enough for one hour according to Birdy; whether she used it all up or simply used some of it is unknown) she realizes the Rangers need her on Earth. Tvicon TV STORY-Katastrophe

Before the final battle she and Boom are captured by Broodwing who turns the Delta Base into its Megazord configuration. Thanks to R.I.C. the two escape and shut the Megazord down allowing B-Squad to defeat and capture Broodwing. During the final battle against the invading Troobians she, Boom and Sam led the S.P.D. cadets in the battle to protect the Delta Base. Together they held off the forces long enough for reinforcements led by Birdy and Sergeant Silverback to arrive as well as Nova Ranger allowing them to defeat the enemy. During the fight against Omni The Magnificence, she analyzes the enemy and finds its weak spot and gives the information to Cruger and the Rangers who use it to destroy Omni even though she knows it may cost Cruger his life. Kat is relieved to see that Cruger and his wife survived and watches the final fight between Emperor Gruumm and Cruger that results in Gruumm's capture. Afterwards Kat remained at S.P.D. Earth Station. Tvicon TV STORY-Endings

Super Megaforce

Kat was not shown to have fought in the battle between the Legendary Rangers and the Armada. Given her Sentai counterpart fought in the Legend War, it is entirely possible that she did indeed fight elsewhere.


Kat Manx is intellectual, headstrong and resourceful lady with a calm and intuitive persona. She is naturally authoritative and willing to take the lead when necessary, and has a professional mentor-like relationship with the Rangers and Boom. Despite her analytical attitude she displays strong empathy; for example she listens to and advises B-Squad and is mostly understanding of their difficulties (for example when she acknowledges she's surprised B-Squad talks at all due to tight quarters) only losing her temper a handful of times. She also often counsels Cruger. In terms of the Rangers this could be argued to be a somewhat parental role from time to time and she is certainly greatly cared for by B-Squad. That said, she is clearly able to establish firm professional boundaries - often opting to take a professional attitude with Cruger when in front of other staff members. She also does not divulge much about her own feelings and personal life. For the most part she is able to put her own feelings aside to benefit SPD. She is intuitive and discerning, and uses this judgement to know when it may be appropriate or necessary to cross the line (e.g when she confides in B-Squad that Cruger told them they were "the best he's ever had", pushing Cruger to be the Shadow Ranger and knowing Bridge is lying when he says Gruumm did not say anything further. She is occasionally playful and lets out strong emotions: her anger at Cruger and breakdown in the final battle being two big examples - as well as being known to crack a big smile out of relief or pride. She seems to consider this as a weakness though which may explain her hatred of goodbyes. Kat is shy in the face of praise and not exempt from making mistakes - on one occasion she trusted Piggy to provide safe hardware out of desperation.

Kat Ranger


Kat Ranger

Powers and Abilities


  • Feline Physiology: As a member of an unknown feline race, Kat exhibits exterior features resembling that of an Earth cat.
  • Cat Stunners: Leaping into the air, Kat gives herself some room to scatter her Kat Stunners.
  • Feline Grace: Kat performs a graceful rainbow spin that launches opponents in the air.
  • Kat Scratch: In the Video game PR Battle for the Grid, Kat's able to attack her opponent with her cat claws and performs a Shades of Wolf Fang Fist to her opponent.
  • Kat Frenzy: In the Video game PR Battle for the Grid, Kat performs a no-handed cartwheel kick, for later proceeds to attack frantically with her claws to her opponent.


  • Genius-Level Intellect:
  • Skilled Combatant: Kat is shown to have fighting potential and to be able to hold her own for a while.


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This form is exclusive to S.P.D. Episode 29.





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Troobian Empire


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Behind the Scenes



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  • Kat is a diminutive of Katharine and its many variant spellings, all of which come from Greek meaning "pure". As Kat is an extraterrestrial cat, this is a pun as well.
  • Her surname, Manx, also plays on her feline nature, being a breed of tail-less/bobtailed cat originating from the British Isle of Man. Natives of the island Crown dependency are also named the Manx.


  • Despite her youthful appearance, Kat is 147 Earth-years old. A common myth suggests that cats age by seven years for every year a human ages; if true, Kat would have life experience on par with a 21-year-old human (147/7=21).
  • Kat's designation as either the White or Orange Ranger has been long debated. Although her color was never specified in-series, the Boom Studios comics placed her among the White Rangers. Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, and the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game, however, have listed her as an Orange Ranger.
  • Producer Greg Aronowitz acknowledges the apparent love triangle between Kat, Commander Cruger, and Isinia Cruger, and the poor reception Isinia's return got as a result. He also admitted that Dr. Felix was introduced as as a potential love interest for Kat.[1]
  • The toy-exclusive zord Blast Runner is often associated with the Kat Ranger due to it possessing a similar color scheme and a symbol on the back-wall of the cockpit that is synonymous with Kat. Although neither her or Swan Shiratori had piloted the Blast Buggy, it was piloted by a White Ranger instead.
  • Kat is the only main cast member of show to not have been voiced by her counterpart's actress Mako Ishino in the show's Japanese dub. Ishino, however, did narrate the show's dub.
  • Kat, along with Officer Tate, Nova Ranger, Mick Kanic and Dane Romero are the only Power Rangers without a Zord or the ability to grow giant.


Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Kat Ranger is among the Rangers who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. She is an Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character, and represents the S.P.D. Rangers along with Sam, Anubis Cruger, Sky Tate and Jack Landors.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Kat Ranger PR-BTFTG

Kat Ranger in Battle for the Grid.

Kat Ranger is a playable character in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, she uses her Cat Stunners primarily as her weapon.

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