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"Kashiwa mochi....."
―Kashiwa Mochi's first words[src]

―Kashiwa Mochi World's final words before his death[src]

Kashiwa Mochi World (カシワモチワルド Kashiwa Mochi Warudo, 9) is a Kashiwa Mochi-themed World Monster from Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo created from the Kashiwa Mochi Tojiru Gear that contains Kashiwa Mochitopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest into Great Kashiwa Mochi World.

Character History

At night, The Kashiwa Mochi World began his scheme of making everyone to be addicted to these delicious Kashiwa mochi. Gaon, Magine and Flint has fallen under the influence to Kashiwa Mochi World's ability due to them eatting the treats and now they wanted more mochi. He then appeared in the city as a bunch of civilians demand more mochi from a shop owner, who tell them to head to a nearby supermarket that carries it.

Kashiwa Mochi World was first confronted by Juran and Vroon, who went after Gaon and Magine upon hearing Seechan telling them about the panic the World was causing. Kashiwa Mochi World drove off the 2 Zenkaigers by tempting a crowd of people under his control with kashiwa mochi but he was soon confronted by Zenkaizer and Twokaizer, who also heard about the World. The 2 Sentai and the World fought a 3 way battle with Twokaizer and Zenkaizer trying to be the one to defeat the World, while the World tried to fight them both.

With that, the battle commences of whoever defeats the Kashiwa Mochi World. During the duel, Twokaizer used the TwokaiRicky Sentai Gear and accessed to his Ohren Form and sent Kashiwa Mochi World towards a park and then used the TwokaiCutanner Sentai Gear to access to his Shinken Form as he began slicing Kashiwa Mochi World. However, Kashiwa Mochi World used his Kashiwa Shields and sends Twokaizer further from him, but Zenkaizer as he was holding onto Kashiwa Mochi World's leafy hat until he accidentally tossed him with the hat away, thus rendering his arsenal useless. After that, the Kashiwa Mochi World was then destroyed by the Twokaiser: Shinken Strike technique, thus breaking the spell.


Kashiwa Mochi World proved himself to be clever and controlling, using his crowd of kashiwa mochi addicts to restrain Juran and Vroon. His initial plan was also to remain hidden and away from fighting until all of his victims starved, further supporting the fact.



The original form of the Worlds.


When the Kuddak is installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transforms into Kudaiter before becoming a World.

"Kashiwa Mochi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kashiwa Mochi World

Leafless Kashiwa Mochi World

  • World: Kashiwa Mochitopia (カシワモチトピア)

By using the Kashiwa Mochi Tojiru Gear, he change into Kashiwa Mochi World (カシワモチワルド Kashiwa Mochi Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of the World Monster, Kashiwa Mochi World can alter the world to his own image.
  • Kashiwa Mochi Addiction: Kashiwa Mochi World can induce a powerful craving for Kashiwa Mochi in people who've eaten the aforementioned confection.


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  • Leaf Head: When the Kashiwa on his head is removed, Kashiwa Mochi World can no longer use his wave power.


  • Kashiwa Shields: The Kashiwa Mochi World wields three Kashiwa-style shields on his arms and head.
    • Repulsion Wave: With all three Kashiwa Shields, the Kashiwa Mochi World can clap his hands to generate a seismic pulse to blow away his opponents.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Kashiwa Mochi World's suit is reused from Sakura Mochi World, with the cherry blossom logo removed from the head.


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