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Karizorg (カリゾーグ Karizōgu, "Kari" meaning "Temporary") is a copy of Barizorg maintained by Insarn after the original was destroyed by Joe, Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 38: The Power to Seize Dreams who unsuccessfully attempts to fuse Gai into the empty shell. However, Karizorg's body initially rejects fusion. Instead, she fuses Captain Marvelous and Gai together.

Later, Insarn fuses Karizorg with a cat, successfully, to form Nyarizorg (ニャリゾーグ Nyarizōgu) before reversing the process. During their battle with the Gokai Red/Gokai Silver hybrid, Insarn fuses Karizorg with a Sugormin to form Sugozorg (スゴゾーグ Sugozōgu), which is destroyed by Gokai Red Gold Mode before the Gokaiger hybrid recovers Insarn's gun to reverse their fusion.






  • Unlike Barizorg who went adapted as Argus for Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Karizorg has no Power Rangers counterpart due to Nickeleodeon's 20 ep. limit along with him coming from a special.