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"Magnificent duet! Perfect score!"
―Final words before death

As a result of Onihime having an Org Spirit acquiring a karaoke machine, Karaoke Org can steal people's speaking abilities and replace them with cat sounds. Yabaiba used him hoping to gain a promotion from Onihime, unaware that she was actually TsueTsue. The Org can use his Speaker Attack, emitting crushing sound waves and attack with CD in his Laser-Disc Cutter attack. The Org overwhelm the Gaorangers with his ability until GaoSilver arrives destroys him with his "Full-Moon", restoring the others. Once TsueTsue returned to normal, she revived Karaoke Org, who is then destroyed by GaoKing Striker and GaoHunter Justice.



  • Karaoke Org were designed by character designer Keiichi Sato.

    concept art

Other Notes

  • The speakers on the Org write out "OLGU", which is a Romanization reading for the characters that make up the word "Org".

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