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Karakuri Shinobi Translator

Karakuri Nin Translator

New Karakuri Shinobi Translator

Modified Karakuri Nin Translator

The Karakuri Nin Translator (カラクリ忍ほんやく~ Karakuri Nin Honyaku~) is a device invented by Kasumi Momochi for communication with animals and machines. Through this the Ninningers can speak with their OtomoNin.

The newly-created translator was first used so that Takaharu could understand why Shinobimaru refused to fight. Initially created with a radar dish attachment for face-to-face translation, Shinobi 11: Shinobimaru, Come Back! it was later modified with the dish being replaced by a smartphone to allow for remote communication as used by Kasumi to converse with UFOmaru as the OtomoNin located the lair of Poison Arrow Ninja Suzumebachi. Shinobi 33: The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo


  • This device is a realization of the dream of Kasumi's Sentai Pink predecessor, Rei Tachibana of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. A scientist like Kasumi, Rei's goal was to create a device which allowed people to communicate with animals.


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