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Power discs

Shinobi Medals

Karakuri Balls (カラクリボール Karakuri Bōru, lit. Trick Balls) are summoned spheres that contain weapons for Karakuri Giant Senpuujin, Karakuri Giant Gouraijin, Karakuri Giant Tenkuujin, and Super Karakuri Beast Revolver Mammoth. They are summoned using the Shinobi Medals (シノビメダル Shinobi Medaru).

Karakuri Ball 01: Sword Slasher


Sword Slasher

The Hurricanegers must fuse the Shinobi Medals on their Hurricane Gyros to make this weapon, but KabutoRaiger has also used a Shinobi medal with "鉾" (halberd) on it. It is a dragon themed sword and the primary weapon of Senpuujin. Its finisher is the Copy Illusion Slash (分身幻斬り Bunshin Maboroshi Giri) attack where Senpuujin forms two illusionary copies which then slash the opponent three times from different angles. While the Gouraigers have their own copy of the Sword Slasher, they rarely use it, nor does Gouraijin have a special attack with it. In Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger, with their powers combined, their powers helped to create a golden version called the Mahoro Slasher (マホロスラッシャー), which was wielded by Abarenoh, for the Split Drill Slasher attack which is the same finisher that Senpuujin has with this weapon.

Karakuri Ball Combo: Goat Hammer


Goat Hammer

Combination of Goat Crusher and Tortoise Hammer used for "Goat Hammer Hurricane Comet" (ゴートハンマーハリケン彗星 Gōto Hanmā Harikēn Suisei) attack by using the Goat Crusher to hit the Tortoise Hammer a few times to build up power then hitting it at high speed towards the opponent. Based on a kendama.

Karakuri Ball 02: Goat Crusher


Goat Crusher

Used by HurricaneYellow. Its finisher attack Gale Dynamic Drop (疾風豪快落とし Shippū Gōkai Otoshi) is where it hits the opponent multiple times and then with the hammer extends to a distance for the final blow.

Karakuri Ball 03: Tortoise Hammer


Tortoise Hammer

Used by HurricaneBlue. A mace-like weapon. Finishes the opponent with Rocked Buster (ロックドバスター Rokkudo Basutā) by spinning it around extensively and then throws it at the opponent.

Karakuri Ball 04: Plant Axe


Plant Axe

Primary weapon of Gouraijin. Finishes with Big Spin Booming Slash (大回転轟斬り Daikaiten Todoroki Giri) by having the blades spin and then striking with it. When combined with the Double Horn Cutter weapon from Gouraijin's chest, it becomes known as the Axe Cutter (アックスカッター Akkusu Kattā). Based on a pinwheel.

Karakuri Ball Combo: Gatling Attacker


Gatling Attacker

Combination of Gatling Leo and Squid Attacker used for "Hurricane Spiral" (ハリケンスパイラル Hariken Supairaru) attack that uses a combo of a tornado and bullets.

Karakuri Ball 05: Gatling Leo


Gatling Leo

A gatling gun weapon Used by HurricaneYellow for the "Big Rotation Lion Explosive Bullet" (大回転獅子爆裂弾 Daikaiten Shishi Bakuretsu Dan) attack.

Karakuri Ball 06: Squid Attacker


Squid Attacker

Used by HurricaneBlue that goes on Senpuujin's right knee for the "Spindle Drill" (スピンドドリル Supindo Doriru) attack by having it spin like a drill to ram into the opponent.

Karakuri Warrior Fūraimaru

Karakuri Warrior Fūraimaru (カラクリ武者 風雷丸 Karakuri Musha Fūraimaru, Wind-Thunder Round) is the combination of FūraiHead and FūraiKnuckle. He is important to the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers, as he is vital help in the formation process of Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin's transformation, forming the latters' helmet and fists. In Abaranger vs. Hurricanger, he was used again, but Gourai Senpuujin was beaten and seperating five components and Fūraimaru. He returns in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, once again retaining the ability to combine with a mecha, as he now combines with GokaiOh to form Hurricane GokaiOh.

In an interesting thing to note, in Hurricaneger, Fūraimaru's voice actor's voice was distorted to make it more robotic. In Gokaiger, his voice is unaltered.

Karakuri Ball 07: FūraiHead

Used by HurricaneRed, forms Fūraimaru's upper body, as well as Gourai Senpuujin's helmet.

Karakuri Ball 08: FūraiKnuckle

Used by KabutoRaiger, forms Fūraimaru's legs, as well as Gourai Senpuujin's fists.

Karakuri Ball 09: Karakuri Mantle


Karakuri Mantle

Used by HurricaneRed. Can make Senpuujin invisible or be used for defense, but isn't effective in its first battle and not used in the future.

Karakuri Ball 10: Spin Bee


Spin Bee

Is the primary weapon of Tenkuujin. Consists of a Bee design with a cord attached to it that is held by Tenkuujin. Thrown at its opponent like a spinning top for its finisher Violent Top (暴れ独楽 Abare Goma).

Karakuri Ball 11: Kabuto Spear


Kabuto Spear

Used by KabutoRaiger, but loaded in Revolver Mammoth as KuwagaRaiger's. Finishes with the Crash Lance Stab (突貫香車突き Tokkan Kyōsha Zuki) which stabs the opponent with an electrified attack and then slashes them to death.

Karakuri Ball 12: Catch Spider


Catch Spider

Used by Sky Ninja Shurikenger. It is used as a grappling hook to grab flying foes.

Karakuri Ball 13: Karakuri Stamp


Karakuri Stamp

Used by HurricaneRed once for the "Stamp Hundred Hand Press" (スタンプ百烈押し Sutanpu Hyakuretsu Oshi) attack in Episode 29. Like the Karakuri Mantle, this item was also used once and not seen again afterwards.

Karakuri Ball 14: Pitatto Hitode


Pitatto Hittode

Used by HurricaneBlue that goes on Senpuujin's left knee for the Starlight Knee Drop (スターライトニードロップ Sutāraito Nī Dorop) attack in Episode 29, by knocking with its pointed ends from above. Alternatively it also has the Star Dust Cracker (スターダストクラッカー Sutādasuto Kurakkā) attack, which lays it and other colored starfish along the opponents body before they detonate.


Combination of TriHorns, TriCrown and TriClaws, it is important to help in the Karakuri Giant Tenrai Senpuujin transformation process. Another Tri-Condor was involved in the movie, except the Karakuri Balls are not numbered and had white-colored trimmings instead of gold-colored trimmings. It functioned as Laiina's spaceship and was the basis of the Tri-Condor used in the Hurricanegers' arsenal.

Karakuri Ball 15: TriTsuno

Used by Shurikenger, forms Tri-Condor's tail feathers, or Tenrai Senpuujin's head crest.

Karakuri Ball 16: TriKanmuri

Used by HurricaneRed, forms Tri-Condor's body or Tenrai Senpuujin's face.

Karakuri Ball 17: TriTsume

Used by KabutoRaiger, forms Tri-Condor's wings or Tenrai Senpuujin's fists.

Legendary Karakuri Balls


Raging Arrow and Grieving Bow

Fuuin no Ishi (Seal Stone) Sandaru has this powerful gem. He splits it in half and it has one sand dollar. He became the Ikari no Ya no Medal (Raging Arrow Medal). He also needed the medal from Gozen.

Raging Arrow

An arrow with a sword-like handgrip at the end of its shaft, the keystone of Astrom's Karakuri Ball technology. However, without the Greviving Bow, a weak user goes into a berserk rage. It was obtained by Sandaru, who eventually used the rage of others to unseal it, and was in Jakanja's hands until the Hurricanegers got it momentarily until Sandaru reclaimed it. After being used, the Raging Arrow got sucked into the vortex it brought about, with the Hurricanegers shooting it out to negate the wormhole. Rather than being marked with a kanji, its Shinobi Medal resembles the pattern of a sand dollar.

Grieving Bow

Grieving Bow

Grieving Bow

A bow that allows the wielder to safely use the Raging Arrow. Known as the Dark Stone (闇石 Yami Ishi), it came to Earth during a meteor shower and became the keystone in the creation of the technologies used by the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers. It was sealed in Gozen until Sandaaru managed to break the seal and use the Raging Arrow to force the Grieving Bow out. Once used by Boss Tao Zant, the Grieving Bow was regained by the Hurricanegers, who use it to reverse the doomsday process. Rather than being marked with a kanji, its Shinobi Medal is marked with a complex hexagonal pattern that was used as the crest of the Space Union Ninja School.

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