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Kaprizord is Kapri's personal Zord that appears in the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Down and Dirty".

Character History

This snake-like zord was used to battle the Rangers, it did battle with the Storm and Thunder Megazords, it had the upper hand againts the Storm Megazord, the Megazord then used the Lion Blaster on it, but it dodged it and cause the Thunder Megazord to get blasted, the Megazord then turned on Lighting mode and had the upper hand, it was about to stike the evil Zord down until the Marah and Shimazuzords came and aid the Kaprizord in battle, with the power of three Zords, they all land a meager beat down on the Storm Megazord, until Cam unleashed the new Samurai Star Megazord drones to give each zord the combination, it did battle with the Samurai Star Megazord and had the upper hand until the Blue Ranger came to the rescue and used her Dolphin Zord to bite the Kaprizord in the lower hip, after the Storm and Thunder Megazords defeated both the Marah and Shimazuzords, they form the Hurricane Megazord and Summoned the Mammoth Zord to form the Hurricane Ultrazord, they ultimately destroy the Kaprizord with the Mammoth Megazord Blast.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: While not as powerful as the Hyper Zurganezord, it is strong enough to best both the Storm and Thunder Megazords.
  • Mouth Heart Blast: The Kaprizord can blow pink hearts made of energy from its mouth.


  • Arm Blades: The Kaprizord has arm-mounted blades that aids it in combat.


  • The Kaprizord looks very similar to the Zurganezord II in its Lightning Mode.

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