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The Kaprizord was Kapri's personal snake-themed Zord that appeared in the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Down and Dirty".

Zord History

The Marahzord is used to battle the Ninja Storm Rangers and does battle with the Storm and Thunder Megazords. It has the upper hand against the Storm Megazord which then uses the Lion Blaster on it but it dodges it and causes the Thunder Megazord to get blasted instead. The Megazord then switch to Lightning Mode and have the upper hand, soon being about to strike the evil Zord down until the Marah and Shimazuzords come to aid the Kaprizord in battle. With the power of the three Evil Zords, they all land a beatdown on the Storm Megazord until Cam unleashes the new Samurai Star Chopper drones to give each Megazord a combination. It does battle with the Samurai Star Megazord and had the upper hand until Tori comes to the rescue and uses her Dolphinzord to bite the Kaprizord in the lower hip. After the Storm and Thunder Megazords defeat both the Marah and Shimazuzords, they form the Hurricane Megazord and summon the Mighty Mammothzord to form the Hurricane Ultrazord which easily destroys the Kaprizord with the Mammoth Megazord Blast.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: While not as powerful as the Hyper Zurganezord, the Kaprizord was strong enough to beat both the Storm and Thunder Megazords.


  • Agility: The Kaprizord was quick enough to dodge the Storm Megazord's Lion Laser.


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  • Arm Blades: The Kaprizord had arm-mounted blades that aided it in combat.

Behind the Scenes


  • Being a Zord, the Kaprizord was silent.


  • Like its pilot, the Kaprizord was snake themed and resembled Zurganezord II in its Lightning Mode


  • THe Kaprizord was named after its pilot.


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