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"You ready to toast these teenagers?"

Kapri was one of Lothor's nieces by marriage and is the sister of Marah. Like Marah, Kapri is ditsy and fashion conscious. She is snake-themed.


Kapri was a decent fighter with the ability of teleportation, transformation, energy projection, shielding, ice frost, and blowing enemies away with her breath.

Kapri constantly annoyed her uncle and often failed him. Marah and Kapri have tried proving to their uncle that they were worthy enough to be in his army and frequently attempted showed each other and the other generals up in order to do so.

She once had her own giant robot, though it was destroyed during its first and only battle.

Marah and Kapri as students in the Wind Academy.

Kapri and Marah joined Vexacus and plotted to overthrow her uncle by pretending to be masterminds by hiding their ignorance. This ended up being a ruse and part of Lothor's plan to get rid of his generals. Lothor double crossed Kapri and Marah and left them on his exploding ship. She and her sister escaped the ship with the Thunder Rangers and Cam. Kapri, along with Marah, ended up joining the Wind Ninja Academy. Kapri wore a pink ninja suit.

Later, during Dino Thunder's Thunder Storm, Marah and Kapri were shocked when Lothor reemerged with the brainwashed Wind Ninja's on his side. After Lothor captured the ninja students with the Wind Rangers' help, Marah and Kapri agreed to rejoin his army. Later, the sisters outsmarted Lothor and helped the Rangers free the ninja students and Sensei Kanoi.


During the series, Kapri is often portrayed as ditsy and rude. Much to her Uncle's annoyance, she isn't very successful at evil schemes. While her sister was shown to have a good side mid-way through the series, she never left Lothor's army or was shown faltering in her alliance until the end. The series finale reveals she much prefers being good to being evil. She and Marah often talked about Lothor in rude and judgmental ways, but when he approached them, they were very scared of their uncle. She is shown to have an even larger sense attitude, and is often conceited and shallow.

During the time of Thunder Storm, Kapri is shown to have matured a bit and is no longer quite as shallow. She is shown to have become caring for her cousin, Cam, when he was worried about his father. When Lothor returned, she quickly became frightened by her uncle and rejoined his army. Afterwards, it is shown she double-crossed him to help the Rangers.


Powers and Abilities


  • Size Changing: It is revealed in the episode "Snip It, Snip It Good" that Kapri can change her size at will.
  • Energy Shield: Kapri can cast a transparent multi-colored energy shield, which is similar to her sister Marah's, but stronger.
  • Teleportation: Kapri can teleport to any location at will.
  • Disguise: Kapri can disguise herself to fool others.
  • Wind Breath: Kapri can blow a strong gust of wind from her mouth to blow her enemies away.
  • Ice Breath: Kapri can also breathe out an icy blast from her mouth to freeze her enemies.
  • Ice Beam: Kapri can launch a beam of ice-like energy from her hands to freeze her enemies.
  • Energy Ball: Kapri can launch light purple colored energy balls from her hands.
  • Mega Beam: By combining her powers with Marah, she can fire a large pink energy beam.


  • Expert Fighter: Much like her sister Marah, Kapri is a formidable fighter despite her goof-off personality.
  • Kelzak Summoning: Kapri can summon an army of Kelzaks to aid her in battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Kapri can leap at an incredible distance.


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  • Ninja Sword: Kapri carries a sword that could be used for combat.
    • Energy Laser: Kapri can fire light purple colored energy lasers from her sword.
    • Sword Launch: Kapri can launch her sword at an enemy and when it hits, it causes an explosion.
    • Energy Beam: By crossing her sword with Marah's baton, she is able to fire a pink energy beam from the tip.
    • Energy Blast: Also by crossing her sword with Marah's baton, she is able to fire a yellow energy blast from the tip.
    • Energy Slash: Kapri is able to unleash pink energy slashes from her sword.
  • Personal Alien Manager: Kapri sometimes uses Lothor's P. A.M. to make monsters grow through the Scroll of Empowerment.
    • Kelzak and Kelzak Furies Summoning: When in possession of the P.A.M., Kapri can use it to summon Kelzaks, Kelzak Furies, or both at the same time.
  • Kaprizord: In the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Down and Dirty", Kapri has her own personal Zord like Kapri herself, but it is snake-themed.

Behind the Scenes


An unidentified stunt double.


When in her alien clothing, she has bright pink hair most often done with two braids in front, the rest flowing free down her back with a small section sticking out the top. She most often wears an odd black headpiece, thick black necklace, a pink/purple and black bodice over a gold tank top with black pads over her shoulders. She wears bright pink/purple tights and black high-heeled boots. Kapri also has black elbow-length arm-warmers and a red dragon-like arm band attached to her left arm. She also carries around a samurai sword, her weapon of choice which she is shown to be quite skilled with.

During evil schemes, she is normally wearing ridiculous outfits and crazy hairstyles, all of pink color.

When shown with a more human nature, Kapri has blonde hair, usually with a pink highlight. Her ninja uniform has a pink streak.


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  • Since she is related to Lothor by marriage, the fandom erupted in a long debate over this matter. The majority of fans have decided one of the sisters' parents was the sibling to Miko, Cam's mother, then somehow turned bad and went with Lothor. Although this case would make no actual relationship, it could make sense due to the girls' un-alikeness to Lothor.
    • Another belief is Lothor was actually married once.
  • In the episode "Eye of the Storm", it is revealed that she is afraid of spiders, much like Shane, one of her foes, as well as the original Black Ranger Zack.
  • Kapri is the second villain to have pink hair, the first being Nadira, and concidentally both of them reform.
  • Her and her sister's actresses share the same first name (Katrina).


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