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Kaori Sawada (沢田 香 Sawada Kaori, 38): Hikoma's daughter, whom he left in order to fulfill his duties as retainer to the Shiba Clan. Understanding her father's duties, she lived a relatively normal life, later marrying Koichi Sawada (沢田 晃一 Sawada Kōichi, 38). Kaori and Koichi have a daughter named Haruna Sawada (沢田 陽菜 Sawada Haruna, 38). Kaori Sawada is portrayed by Maiko Kawamura (河村 舞子 Kawamura Maiko), Koichi by Yasunori Yokoe (横江 泰宣 Yokoe Yasunori), and Haruna by Kanon Kasuga (春日 香音 Kasuga Kanon).
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