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Kaniarigin (カニアリギン Kaniarigin) (29) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperil Army Zone, combining attributes of the crab-like Kanigin and the ant-like Arigin.

Character History

Kaniarigin was created by Captain Garoa using Kanigin (who remains on its left half) and Arigin (the right half) in an attempt to prove his worth as Zone's commander to Meadow after the return and immediate impression of First Captain Chevalier. The Combined Galatic Warrior immediately is sent out to attack Fiveman's Magma Base, using his corrosive bubbles to breach the inside and start attacking them. After Fiveman force the monster out, Gorlin #24 is summoned and fuses with the monster, creating an unstoppable force that ultimately has a hard time being handled by Star Five or even Super Five Robo. Ultimately after Gaku resecures Magma Base after a brief intrusion by Billion, he instructs his younger siblings to merge both mecha within Magma Base itself, forming into the ultimate combination of MaxMagma which is ultimately used to finally destroy the monster.

Kaniarigin concept art


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  • With the combination of Kanigin and Arigin, it gains both of their strengths and abilities, most notably a combination of Kanigin's explosive bubbles and Arigin's corrosive acid creating acidic bubbles that can float and eat through anything struck by them.

Behind the Scenes


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