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Kanaema Stones

A Kanaema Stone after granting a wish

The Kanaema Stones (カナエマストーン Kanaema Sutōn, lit. "Wish-Granter Stones") are mysterious jewels resembling Magatama, and only four of them exist in the universe. Each stone can grant a specific kind of wish, but all of them combined can grant any wish with no limitation. However, if the powers have been used up, they turn black, though they will shine again after a few days.

Takamichi Crystalia was originally trying to collect these to save his sister, Mabushina, from the Yodonheim curse that killed her mother, Queen Mabayuine, but now that Mabushina was cured by Mashin Zabyun, he continues searching for them before using the ultimate wish to rebuild Crystalia, with Mabushina being crowned queen.

List of Kanaema Stones[1]

  • Destoria (デストリア Desutoria): The first Kanaema Stone, whose color is orange. Its unique power is destruction, which can remove negative effects. It was used by Juru Atsuta to free Takamichi Crystalia from the Jaaku Monstone.
  • Reversia (リバーシア Ribāshia): The second Kanaema Stone, whose color is white with red, blue, and yellow stripes. Its unique power is time, which allows its user to open a temporal portal to travel through time. The user is able to travel to any chosen point in time but the portal can only last for 20 minutes before it closes. It was used by Juru, Tametomo Imizu, and Sena Hayami to travel to the past and recover a sample of Numajo's poison so that they could develop an antidote to restore the Aqua Kiramai Stone. Modifications by Muryou Hakataminami would later allow Reversia to revert a target into a past state.
  • Energia (エネルギア Enerugia): The third Kanaema Stone, whose color is cobalt blue with gold stripes and red/white specks. Its unique power is strength, which allows its user to become more powerful, but at the risk of overloading the user's body and destroying it. The stone also has revival properties tied to a phoenix, and can maximize the output of whatever is holding it. It was used by Juru to convert Mabushina's tears to create the Kiraful Go Arrow.
  • Illusia (イリュージョア Iryūjoa): The last Kanaema Stone, whose color is red with blue, pink, green, and yellow spots. Its unique power is illusion, which has the power to create illusions. Just after Juru obtains it, the stone is stolen by Yodonna. It can also be used to create a Jamen Beast from a human.[2] The Illusia Kanaema stone was later returned to the Kiramagers by Carantula for the final battle.



  • The coloring of these stones correspond to the coloring of Crystalia's Grand Guardians: Kiramaizin, GigantDriller, King Express (Zabyun), and Grateful Phoenix.
    • The stones' usage are also related to the Grand Guardians:
      • Destoria was used to free Takamichi Crystalia, the pilot of GigantDriller, from the Jaaku Monstone.
      • Reversia was used to travel to the past and recover a sample of Numajo's poison and use it to develop an antidote to restore the Aqua Kiramai Stone. The Aqua Kiramai Stone was later converted into Mashin Zabyun, which can combine with Mashin Express to form King Express Zabyun. Reversia was also used to allow the mecha to revert Emperor Yodon into Yodonna's form.
      • Energia was used to convert Mabushina's Blue Diamond tears to create the Kiraful Go Arrow, which is used to operate Grateful Phoenix. The mecha also used it to imprison Yodonna.
      • Illusia was used to create the Jamen Beast Jishiki Shellga, which was fought by Kiramaizin. It was later used by Juru to create illusions of Kiramaizin and GigantDriller to stall Emperor Yodon during the final battle.


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