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This Kami-sama (神様 Kami-sama, God) appeared as a woman who played cards with the deceased Black Condor, Gai Yuki, in the Golden Gate bar in Heaven.

Character History

After he beat her at the game, she allowed him to temporarily return to Earth, become Black Condor again, and grant the Greater Power of the Jetmen to the Gokaigers. He resumed playing cards with her once his work was done, he won again and commented that for God she was pretty bad at that game. She asked Gai to play her a song on his saxophone, to which he complied. Ep. 28: Wings are Eternal

When the Gokaigers had one last Greater Power to unlock, Ahim suggested praying to Kami-sama, with Gai saying they could go to a shrine, reminding the Gokaigers of their previous visit to Negakure Temple, where they were supposed to claim a Greater Power but failed to find it. Later, when the Gokaigers pleaded to Ninjaman to give them the Greater Power of the Kakurangers, Gai begged 'Kami-sama, Buddha-sama, Ninjaman-sama!' Ep. 45: The Confused Ninja

Powers and Abilities

She can let a deceased soul to temporarily return to the mortal world.


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