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Kami-sama (神様 Kami-sama) is a version of God in the Go-Busters series.

Character History

After their deaths at the hands of Great Demon Lord Azazel, Cheeda Nick and Beet J. Stag finds themselves in heaven with the former mistaking God for Enter before being corrected. As he was the millionth death in the year, learning that God can not kill others if asked, Nick decides to avert the crisis by wishing for a world where Messiah never existed. Despite the numerous changes and getting use to his new continuity, Nick sees the creation of the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters and their deaths by the universe's version of Azazel. Luckily, inspired by J, Nick uses his second wish to bring the other Go-Busters to his continuity so they can all team up on Azazel.

This God uses his own calculator to granting wishes such as sending anyone back into the past.

Powers and Abilities

Reality Warping
He can freely create, alter or merge any reality he wants.


“No-kill” policy
As a benevolent deity, he cannot (or doesn't) do killing, even on evil monsters.


  • While being mistaken as Enter, during the V-Cinema's ending credits, he briefly donned Enter's signature sunglasses.

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