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Kameari Alpaca (亀有アルパカ Kameari Arupaka) is an arrogant Chief Clerk, who created by General Tsu under Malshina's influence, he is developed with the purpose of converting the energy of the Akibarangers attacks into power.

Kameari Alpaca human

Human form

His human form is a man who asks people whether they dropped a plastic spatula or a solid gold spatula. When he asked Luna and Yuko, Luna answered the golden spatula. He transformed into his normal form and headbutted Luna which made her angry and kick him in the crotch. Then, she and Yuko transformed to Akibaranger and joined with Akagi to battle Kameari Alpaca.

He is destroyed by the Ludicrous Cannon Bazooka, but the energy harnessed allows Malshina to revive Delu-Knight.

Behind the scenes



  • Kameari Alpaca is named after Kameari, one of Tokyo, Japan's districts and an alpaca.
  • Right before he gets blasted by the Ludicrous Cannon Bazooka, he calls out the Akibarangers in the exact same way a Sentai Team's name is called out by the Mobilates, which are also voiced by Tomokazu.
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