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"And I could use a little help getting out of here. Oh, very well."
―Kamdor's first lines as he speaks to Miratrix after she asks for help against the Rangers before enlarging Ultrog.[src]

"I'm Kamdor! Prepare to fall!"
―Kamdor introduces himself to the Rangers before taking them on.[src]

"Finally! Now, to find the ― Argh!"
―Kamdor's final words before his destruction.[src]

End of Kamdor.jpg

Kamdor was a blue ninja-like cyborg warrior who was a ruthless warlord and Miratrix's master. He was the tertiary antagonist of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Little is really known about Kamdor's past. However, it is known that he is an evil alien ninja warlord who was trapped inside a jewel that Miratrix wore around her neck after he saved her on a distant planet. After being captured there, he was eventually released by a device Will stole for Miratrix (while undercover). He wields two swords that can combine to form a double-bladed staff. He can also create monsters and enlarge them using sutras. He has no foot soldiers, but once brainwashed ninja-garbed stuntmen at a movie set into serving him.

He battled both the Rangers and other villains in his search for the jewels; he has clashed with Moltor and the Fearcats several times. He briefly worked with Flurious (Behind the Scenes) and was part of Thrax's army in the two-part special team-up episode "Once A Ranger" (teaming up with Mig to attack Stonehenge), but his alliances are brief and don't last. He has clashed with Will several times, first when the Ranger was pretending to defect to evil (Kamdor never trusted him) and again to steal the third jewel.

He and Miratrix had greater success than most of their rival villains in searching for the jewels. They were able to steal the Parchment left behind by the Ho-Oh bird, the third jewel of the Corona Aurora in the episode "One Gets Away", and located and gained the fourth jewel (though Ronny used her super-speed to pickpocket it from him).

Kamdor had a strong partnership with Miratrix. Aside from being imprisoned after saving her life, he showed an amiable working relationship with her. When she was knocked flying by the Fearcats in the first part of the two-part episode "Man of Mercury", he sounded genuinely concerned. However, he still doesn't view her as an equal and leaves her out of the details of some of his plans - in the episode "Behind the Scenes" he organized an alliance with Flurious without her, and in the episode "Things Not Said" he was shown not informing her of the plan in advance and sending her against the Rangers while he searched for the jewel, even though she technically wasn't needed. The relationship eventually collapsed, and he told her that he was wrong "to think she could be more than she is", dismissing her as a "worthless greedy underling". He was shown to be increasingly irate about losing to the Rangers, and angrily beat the Mercury Ranger into unconsciousness. Later, he declared to Miratrix he was tired of the failures and coldly declared that "it's time to make our final move".

In the episode "Two Fallen Foes", Kamdor made his final move in waiting for the Rangers to do the hard work and then attacking with sudden force, successfully stealing the Golden Plate that led to the fifth jewel. He also imprisoned Miratrix in the jewel that had once held him. He used the third jewel to summon a meteor to Earth as a diversionary tactic, and Will had to face Kamdor in a solo duel while the other Rangers handled the meteor. During this time, Kamdor switched to his Duel Mode (or Dual Mode) where his mask parts gave way to reveal his true, gray monstrous face. After deliberately taking this battle "to the end", Kamdor was eventually destroyed by Will's Drive Slammer and the Plate was retrieved, bringing the Rangers another step closer to their goal.

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Kamdor as seen in Legacy Wars

Kamdor is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, he is an Epic (Leader), Legendary (Assist) character.


Kamdor proved to be much more temperamental, menacing, and overall darker than the likes of Moltor or Flurious. He was a completely merciless, ruthless, callous, calculating, sadistic, arrogant, heartless, and irredeemably greedy megalomaniac, and would stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers, become all powerful, and rule the universe, even if it meant killing or betraying to get his way. At the same time, Kamdor was also very cunning and level-headed, and took his battles and his plans seriously. Though he was (at first) good allies with Miratrix, his treachery and greed made the relationship between them utterly defunct. Kamdor also had a volatile temper and was known to be quite enraged and irate whenever things didn't go his way. He was also intelligent, deceptive, treacherous, and manipulative, as he fooled Flurious into an alliance of convenience with him.


Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Being the most cunning and most competent of any of the villains in Operation Overdrive (along with Miratrix), Kamdor was the third strongest and most powerful villain in Operation Overdrive, though his strength is surpassed by Mig who himself was beaten by a tie between Flurious and Moltor.
  • Monster Creation: Kamdor could create his own monster from random objects with a snap of a finger which conjured up sutras that will engulf the said object and mutate it into one of his creatures. Although, he doesn't need any object when creating 5 monsters in "Things Not Said."
    • Monster Enlargement: Kamdor could also enlarge the monster at will by doing a hand gesture (index fingers and thumbs inter-locked) and then thrusting his right hand forth to summon sutras to engulf and enlarge his monster.
  • Mind Control: With a point of a finger, Kamdor could cause dark purple clouds to appear on the targets' heads and control them like slaves.
  • Energy Swipe: Kamdor can charge up blue energy around his wrist and swipe at the enemy at full force.
  • Reformation: If destroyed by a normal attack, Kamdor could reassemble himself in a matter of seconds.
  • Lightning Beams: Kamdor can fire blue colored lightning beams from his hands.
  • Finger Blast: Kamdor could fire light blue colored energy blasts from his fingertips.
  • Opening Pose: Kamdor is able to make a pose that would open a small secret door in his base, where he keeps all of his loots, such as the Blue Sapphire.
  • Dual Mode: Kamdor can transform into his Dual Mode, which involved splitting open his helmet to reveal his true face and gave him an increase in strength and speed.


  • Strength: Kamdor's strength surpasses Miratrix's, being able to take down all five Rangers with just a few blows.
  • Durability: Kamdor took multiple energy slashes and punches from Cheetar and Mig and was able to survive. Even being blasted by the Drill Blaster just sent him flying although it left him extremely weak.
  • Super Speed: Kamdor can zip through the air as a blur which he did when he first attacked the Rangers in the episode "Both Sides Now."
  • Skilled Fighter: Being a ninja, Kamdor was a skilled fighter, being able to avoid and block attacks of the Rangers while being able to subdue them. In the episode "Lights, Camera, Dax ", he overwhelmed a small army of Lava Lizards and was able to hold his own against Moltor.
  • Communication: Kamdor was able to communicate with Miratrix back when he was trapped within the Jewel of Darkness.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Kamdor could jump at incredible heights.


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  • Twin Katanas: Kamdor wielded two powerful katanas that he could use in battle.
    • Lightning Blast: Kamdor could cross the blades of his katanas together to fire a blast of light blue or green colored lightning from the point they met.
    • Lightning Beams: Kamdor could also fire two powerful blue and purple lightning beams from either of his katanas without crossing them which took down Ronny during his first battle.
    • Speed Attack: Kamdor could run at high speed and swing his katanas at the enemy with full force. In the episode "Both Sides Now", it is powerful enough to knock the Red Ranger out of his Ranger form with just one slash.
    • Ground Impact: He could also use his katanas to make an impact on the ground.
    • Teleportation: Kamdor could combine his katanas and teleport to any location at will in an explosion of earth that covered his escape.
    • Earthquake Causing: By slamming his katana on the ground, Kamdor can create an earthquake that caused a cave-in.
    • Earth Implosion: By combining his katanas' power with Thrax and all the other antagonists, he can create an implosion in the Earth. This was his ultimate attack with the other villains and is strong enough to damage the Morphin Grid to such an extent that it obliterated the Rangers' powers.
    • Energy Deflection: Kamdor is able to deflect energy attacks with the swing of his katanas.
    • Energy Empowerment: Kamdor can energize his katanas with light blue energy and slash at full force.
  • Blue Sapphire: By gaining the Blue Sapphire, Kamdor used this jewel to create and summon a large purple colored meteor, which according to the Pink Ranger, could destroy the Earth on impact.
  • Jewel of Darkness: Kamdor was previously sealed away in this jewel. He can also use it to seal anyone who gets in the way of his path.
  • Octavian Chalice Plate: Kamdor stole the Octavian Chalice in its plate form, which was retrieved by Will upon his destruction.


Powers and Abilities


  • Shockwave Point: Kamdor in Dual Mode was able to stand on that cliff and push his index and middle fingers on his right hand together before pointing them at Will on the ground. Said gesture made the ground explode under him.
  • Duplication: Kamdor in Dual Mode could make multiple copies of himself by doing a hand gesture (index fingers and thumbs inter-locked) and create at least a dozen copies of himself.
    • Multi Attack: Kamdor and his clones could rush at the target and zip through them, striking Will with their swords.


  • Strength: Kamdor possesses far greater strength than before in his dual mode.
  • Super Speed: Kamdor can move faster at high speed in his dual mode.
  • Perfect Equilibrium: Kamdor in Dual Mode was able to stand on the sideways face of a cliff without falling off.


to bea dded


  • Twin Katanas: Kamdor retains his two katanas for combat like before in his normal form.
    • Energy Slash: Kamdor in Dual Mode can unleash a light blue energy slash from either of his katanas.
    • Double Bladed Baton: Kamdor in Dual Mode was able to connect his katanas into a massive blue double bladed baton similar in appearance to the Thunder Staffs from Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
      • Lightning Burst: Kamdor could fire a burst of green-white colored lightning from the top blade of his baton. This caused a large explosion but failed to faze Will on his Hovertek Cycle.

Behind the Scenes



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  • In Boukenger, Kamdor's counterpart didn't die immediately and instead delivered a whole speech about inner darkness to Will's counterpart. This was cut because Will's counterpart was instantly de-morphed after he dealt the killing blow.
    • This is why Kamdor anticlimactically falls flat on his face and explodes. It was a US insert shot.
  • Kamdor bore a slight resemblance to the Shogun Megazord of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 while his face looked like the evil one of the Stratoforce Megazord from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
    • The reason for this was because his Boukenger counterpart, as with each primary antagonist and each individual monster of the week, was visually designed as an homage to the various robots and other mecha piloted by the protagonists of the 29 previous Super Sentai Series (except for J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai) as Boukenger was the 30th anniversary series. Kamdor's look was based on the Shogun Megazord's counterpart, the Muteki Shogun of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
  • Kamdor can be seen as a member of the audience of Galaxy Warriors in Power Rangers Ninja Steel in the Warrior Dome is filmed despite being long dead by that point. It's possible that this was another member of his unnamed species.
    • This was due to Saban reusing old costumes as background filler.


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