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Kamakiraagin (カマキラーギン Kamakirāgin) (27) is the mantis-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Kamakiraagin is a Galactic Warrior created by Doldora to become Zone's ultimate assassin, set up not just to battle Fiveman but to attack them in the dream world, hurting and possibly killing them by attacking them in their dreams while they sleep. It initially attacks Gaku after sneaking into Magma Base; then later attacks Remi as Fiveman tries to train, hurting both of them as they are attacked by the Galactic Warrior in their dreams. Fiveman tries to use methods to keep themselves awake so they don't fall victim, but Kamakiraagin and Doldora use a special sleep powder during another battle to trap all of Fiveman within the dream world to confront the assassin. However, its dream attacks out in the open end up making it become captured by a bug-collecting boy who saw the small Kamakiraagin as a fascinating specimen to be collected; realizing the weakness, Fiveman tries to capture Kamakiraagin in a net frustrating it to stop using its special technique before being stopped by the Earth Cannon. After Doldora uses Gorlin #23 to make it enlarge, it was ultimately destroyed by Star Five.


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  • Kamakiraagin uses its sickles on its arms to attack opponents; but its strongest ability is the ability to enter into the dreams of those who are asleep, attacking an opponent within the dream world and causing damage that will ultimately be felt and cause pain and trouble after they awaken; if someone is killed when attacked by him in the dream world, it will likewise kill them for real. Its only weakness is that it ends up turning into a normal mantis-like form as opposed to a Galactic Warrior form whenever it uses its dream power, making it open for attack by those who aren't trapped in the dream realm.

Behind the Scenes


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