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Karakuri replicas of the four male Kakurangers were used by Sandayuu Momochi as a test to prove Tsuruhime's worth as the Kakurangers' leader and heir to her family legacy. Their natural forms were mere dolls, but they could assume a man-sized form as good as the real thing, appearing identical to their counterparts with the distinguishing feature being a wind-up key at the back of their necks. In addition to that, they could adopt their counterpart's human forms as well. Ep. 26: The Tsuruhime Family's Super Secret

Kakuranger Dolls

Kakuranger Dolls

The dolls in their natural forms.

NinjaRed Sasuke doll
NinjaBlue Saizou doll
NinjaYellow Seikai doll
NinjaBlack Jiraiya doll

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