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A list of merchandise for the 18th Super Sentai series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

Roleplay Items

NSK doronchanger.png

  • Doron Changer (ドロンチェンジャー Doron Chenjā)

NSK kakulaser.png

  • KakuLaser Set (カクレイザーセット Kaku Reizā Setto)

NSK kakuremaru.jpg

  • Sound Playing Hidden Sword Kakuremaru (響鳴秘剣 カクレマル Hibikimei Hiken Kakuremaru)

NSK shinobiknuckle.png

  • Ninja Gauntlet Shinobi Knuckle Set (手甲忍具 シノビナックルセット Tekkō Ningu Shinobi Nakkuru Setto)

NSK hikarimaru.png

  • Thunder Sword Hikarimaru (雷鳴剣 ヒカリマル Raimeiken Hikarimaru)

NSK scroll.png

  • Shinobi Scroll (忍之巻 Shinobi Maki)

NSK shogunken.png

  • Flaming Shogun Sword (火炎将軍剣 Kaen Shōgun Ken)

NSK kakurangerball.jpg

  • Kakuranger Ball (カクレンジャーボール Kakurenjā Bōru)

Super Sentai Artisan

SSA doronchanger.jpg

Main article: Super Sentai Artisan

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Super Sentai Artisan Doron Changer (忍者戦隊カクレンジャー 戦隊職人ドロンチェンジャー ~SUPER SENTAI ARTISAN~ Ninja Sentai Kakurenjā Sentai Shokunin Doron Chenjā): An enhanced version of the Doron Changer that was released by Premium Bandai in 2016. It features die-cast parts and newly recorded sound effects. Five die-cast Kakuranger medals are included as well as a mini figure of Ninjaman and the vase he was sealed inside.

DX Mecha

1994 mutekishogun.png

  • Ninja Combination DX Muteki Shogun (忍者合体 DX 無敵将軍 Ninja Gattai Derakkusu Muteki Shōgun)[1]

1994 tsubasamaru.png

  • DX Tsubasamaru (DX ツバサマル Derakkusu Tsubasamaru)[2]

1994 kakuredaishogun.png

  • Five God Combination DX Kakure Daishogun (五神合体 DX 隠大将軍 Goshin Gattai Derakkusu Kakure Daishōgun)[3]

NSK DXninjaman.jpg

  • Instant Transformation DX Ninjaman (瞬間変化 DX ニンジャマン Shunkan Henka Derakkusu Ninjaman)[4]

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Series

Main article: Chogokin Style figures

NSK chogokinfigures.jpeg

Bandai Japan released the traditional 4.5" Chogokin figures of the Kakuranger team during the show's airing. Each member is packaged separately and includes a KakuLaser and Kakuremaru.

Doron Heroes


Doron Heroes (ドロンヒーロー Doron Hīrō) are 5 inch action figures with a flipping head gimmick, based on the molds used for Bandai America's Auto-Morphin Figures. Each figure was packaged with a KakuLaser in sword and gun modes, Kakuremaru, and a Shinobi Scroll.

Vehicle Sets


Shark Machines: Three sets of vehicle and figure toys released as part of Bandai's PlaDelu line. Each figure comes with a Kakuremaru and a KakuLaser.

  • Shark Bleeder & Ninja Red
  • Shark Slider & Ninja White & Ninja Blue
  • Shark Launcher & Ninja Yellow & Ninja Black

NSK nekomaru.jpg

PlaDelu Nekomaru (プラデラ 猫丸 Puradera Nekomaru) is a set of Nekomaru with five miniature Kakurangers and the Shark Bleeder. It has light and sound gimmicks.

Beast General Fighters

NSK juushofighters.jpg

Five sets of the Beast General Fighters. Each figure comes with a mini Kakuranger and mini Kakuremaru, a large Kakuremaru, and the personal weapon of the Beast General Fighter.

NSK godsaruderfig.jpg

Super Ninja Beast God Saruder (超忍獣ゴッドサルダー Chō Ninjū Goddo Sarudā)

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

NSK pladerared.jpg

PlaDelu Beast General Red Saruder (プラデラ 獣将レッドサルダー Puradera Jūshō Reddo Sarudā): A non-combining figure of Red Saruder that's slightly smaller and differently proportioned than the DX version. It is packaged with a mini Ninja Red figure that can be stored inside its chest. Also included is the Flaming Shogun Sword, Saruder Slicer, and a Kakuremaru for Ninja Red.

NSK pladeraMS.png

Sound PlaDelu Muteki Shogun (サウンドプラデラ 無敵将軍 Saundo Puradera Muteki Shōgun): A non-transforming figure with sound gimmicks and launching fists. The helmet is removable and it comes with the Flaming Shogun Sword and Saruder Slicer.

NSK pladeraSMS.png

PlaDelu Super Muteki Daishogun (プラデラ スーパー無敵将軍 Puradera Sūpā Muteki Shōgun): A set of Muteki Shogun and Tsubasamaru. Muteki Shogun's arms and legs can be removed, has launching fists, and can combine with Tsubasamaru. It includes the Flaming Shogun Sword and Saruder Slicer.

NSK pladeraSKDS.png

PlaDelu Super Kakure Daishogun (プラデラ スーパー隠大将軍 Puradera Sūpā Kakure Daishōgun): A set of Kakure Daishogun and Tsubasamaru. It has an extending punch gimmick and includes one Saruder Sword.

Vinyl Figures

NSK sofubi1.png

Kakuranger 5 Set is a set of five soft vinyl Kakuranger figures. Each figure has their own Kakuremaru.

NSK sofubi2.png

Kakure Ryū Ninja 5 Set is a set of the five members in their ninja suits. No accessories were included.

NSK minisofubi.jpg

Kakuranger 5 Set Mini is a set of five miniature soft vinyl Kakuranger figures. A Kakuremaru is included for each figure.

NSK HGfigures.jpg

HG Ninja Sentai Kakuranger is a set of five highly detailed Kakuranger mini figures. The set was announced by Premium Bandai in 2019 to commemorate the show's 25th anniversary. The figures range in size from 8 to 9 centimeters tall.

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla

NSK MP01.jpg

Minipla Muteki Shogun (ミニプラ 無敵将軍 Minipura Muteki Shōgun)

  1. Red Saruder
  2. White Kark
  3. Blue Logan
  4. Yellow Kumard
  5. Black Gammer

NSK MP02.jpg

Minipla Kakure Daishogun (ミニプラ 隠大将軍 Minipura Kakure Daishōgun)

  1. God Saruder & God Kark
  2. God Logan
  3. God Kumard
  4. God Gammer
  5. Tsubasamaru

Super Minipla

NSK superminipla.jpg

Super Minipla Ninja Combination Muteki Shogun (スーパーミニプラ 忍者合体 無敵将軍 Sūpā Minipura Ninja Gattai Muteki Shōgun)

Super Minipla Five-God Combination Kakure Daishogun & Tsubasamaru Set (スーパーミニプラ 五神合体 隠大将軍&ツバサマルセット Sūpā Minipura Goshin Gattai Kakure Daishōgun and Tsubasamaru Setto)

Roleplay Items

NSK CTweapons.jpg

Special Ninja Weapons (必殺忍者武器 Hissatsu Ninja Buki)

  1. KakuLaser
  2. Hidden Sword Kakuremaru
  3. Doron Changer

NSK CTkit.jpg

Kakuranger Kit (カクレンジャーキット Kakurenjā Kitto)

  1. Red Slicer
  2. White Beak
  3. Yellow Claw
  4. Blue Shot
  5. Black Bow

Figures & Miscellaneous

NSK CTsofubi.jpg

Kakuranger Heroes (カクレンジャーヒーロー Kakurenjā Hīrō)

  1. Ninja Red
  2. Ninja White
  3. Ninja Blue
  4. Ninja Yellow
  5. Ninja Black


Full Color Series: DX Kakuranger (フルカラシリーズDXカクレンジャー Furu Kara Shirīzu Derakkusu Kakurenjā)

  1. Ninja Red
  2. Ninja White
  3. Ninja Blue
  4. Ninja Yellow
  5. Ninja Black

NSK CTmachines.jpg

Kakuranger Machines (カクレンジャーマシン Kakurenjā Mashin)

  1. Shark Bleeder
  2. Shark Slider
  3. Shark Launcher

NSK CTninjarobo.jpg

Kakuranger Ninja Robo (カクレンジャー忍者ロボ Kakurenjā Ninja Robo)

  1. Red Saruder
  2. White Kark
  3. Blue Logan
  4. Yellow Kumard
  5. Black Gammer

Exclusive Releases

  • DX Ninjaman Gold and Silver Plated Versions

NSK goldMS.jpg

  • Gold Plated Muteki Shogun (金ピカ無敵将軍 Kin Pika Muteki Shōgun)


NSK doronshooter.png

Doron Shooter (ドロンシューター Doron Shūtā) is a spinning top toy styled after the Doron Changer. It was similar to Bandai America's Spin Fighters line. Five tops of the Kakurangers' medals were included.


Girls in Uniform (ガールズ・イン・ユニフォーム Gāruzu in Yunifōmu) was a line of statuettes of heroines and villainesses released by Bandai. Tsuruhime was released in volume 5.

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