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Kaizoku Gattai GokaiOh (海賊合体ゴーカイオー Kaizoku Gattai Gōkaiō, roughly "Pirate Combination Heroic King") is a giant robot formed from the Gokai Galleon and the Gokai Machines. An agile machine, it is armed with the blaster cannons of Gokai Jet and Racer in its forearms, the twin Gokai Ken (ゴーカイケン Gōkai Ken) swords, and the built-in Gokai Hō (ゴーカイホー Gōkai Hō) chest cannon. (According to the series' website, it also has a row of beam cannons in each shoulder and Vulcans in its hat.) It also has the one-off Gokai Bat (ゴーカイバット Gōkai Batto) weapon, a gigantic baseball bat with the Gokaiger name on it, used against the Sneak Brothers; more specifically, the Elder Brother. Its default finisher is the Gokai Star Burst (ゴーカイスターバースト Gōkai Sutā Bāsuto), where the wheel on GokaiOh's back spins and the hatches on each limb opens up, revealing a unlimited line of cannon balls in each limb which are then fired out of the Gokai Hō in rapid succession. GokaiOh can also perform a double cross cut with the Gokai Ken called the Gokai Crash (ゴーカイクラッシュ Gōkai Kurasshu).



Gokai Galleon

See also: Super Mega Skyship Zord

The Gokai Galleon (ゴーカイガレオン Gōkai Gareon) is a three-masted galleon-like spacecraft, originally possessed by AkaRed with his Red Pirate shipmates, Marvelous and Basco ta Jolokia. After Basco betrayed them, AkaRed saved Marvelous and left him the first of the Mobilates before perishing in battle with the Zangyack. Marvelous and the other Gokaigers use the ship as their transportation and base of operations as they search for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe.

GokaiGalleon damaged

It is equipped with the Galleon Cannons (ガレオンキャノン Gareon Kyanon), along its sides, beam cannons on its wings and lower bow, and a bladed bowsprit that is able to ram through enemy ships. When not forming GokaiOh, Gokai Galleon holds the other Gokai Machines within it similar to a Matryoshka doll, with Gokai Trailer as the second largest mecha followed by Gokai Marine, Gokai Racer, and finally Gokai Jet. As part of GokaiOh, the Gokai Galleon forms the robot's head, torso, and thighs while the bowsprit forms the Gokai Ken.

It was heavily damaged as a result of facing the Zangyack invasion fleet in The Day of Battle, but was fully repaired in the finale, several months after the death of Ackdos Gill and the Zangyack as a true empire.

Gokai Jet

See also: Super Mega Jet Zord

The Gokai Jet (ゴーカイジェット Gōkai Jetto) is Gokai Blue's jet mecha. It forms the right arm and hat of GokaiOh. It is armed with a series of beam and vulcan cannons as well as a very powerful energy cannon.

Gokai Trailer

See also: Super Mega Wheeler Zord

The Gokai Trailer (ゴーカイトレーラー Gōkai Torērā) is Gokai Yellow's tractor trailer mecha. It forms the left leg of GokaiOh. Its offensive abilities lie in its strong ramming power.

Gokai Racer

See also: Super Mega Racer Zord

The Gokai Racer (ゴーカイレーサー Gōkai Rēsā) is Gokai Green's formula race car mecha. It forms the left arm of GokaiOh. It is armed with a beam cannon and an energy cannon.

Gokai Marine

See also: Super Mega Sub Zord

The Gokai Marine (ゴーカイマリン Gōkai Marin) is Gokai Pink's submarine mecha. It forms the right leg of GokaiOh. It is armed with a beam cannon, tracking torpedoes, and homing mines.

Greater Power-infused Finishers

  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Gekiranger Keys, GokaiOh unleashes Geki-based manifestations of the core three Geki Beasts, Geki Wolf, and Sai Dain for the Gokai Great Geki-Geki Beasts (ゴーカイ大激激獣 Gōkai Dai Geki Geki Jū) stampede-like attack.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Carranger Keys, GokaiOh can preform the Gokai Radical Racing Slash (ゴーカイ激走斬り Gokai Gekisou Giri) spin slash attack, a finisher that RV Robo used.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Goseiger Keys, they summon the Goseigers' totem Gosei Headders, as well as the Seaick, Landick, and Skick Brother Headders for the Gokai All Headder Great Charge (ゴーカイオールヘッダー大進撃 Gōkai Ōru Heddā Daishingeki) attack, the Headders ramming into their target, similar to Hyper Gosei Great's Hyper Strike finisher.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Boukenger Keys, they summon Dai Bouken to attack the opponent with several slashes with the GoGo Ken, then tosses the GoGo Ken to GokaiOh to execute the Gokai Adventure Drive (ゴーカイアドベンチャードライブ Gōkai Adobenchā Doraibu) attack.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the GoGoFive Keys, they summon the Chemical Extinguishers from within GokaiOh's hatches and the Gokai Hō, which can be used to perform the Victory Splash (ビクトリースプラッシュ Bikutorī Supurasshu) attack. GokaiOh can then perform a finishing attack called the Gokai Prominence (ゴーカイプロミネンス Gōkai Purominensu) using a charged cross slash with the Gokai Ken.
  • In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship, the Gokaigers summon the Variblune, MagiDragon, the Pat Striker, GekiTiger, and the Dragon Headder all at once to finish off the Fake GokaiOh.
  • When the Gokaigers summon the Greater Power of the Liveman Keys, the personal icons of the individual Livemen come out of the hatches and transform GokaiOh into Super Live Robo, the first Sentai mech that was formed out of two other mechs, to execute its signature finisher attack, the Super Big Burst (スーパービッグバースト Sūpā Biggu Bāsuto).
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Changeman Keys, they summon the Earth Force of the Changemen to power the Gokai Hō and fire an energy blast called the Gokai Power Bazooka (ゴーカイパワーバズーカ Gōkai Pawā Bazūka), which is fired out with immense force.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Maskman Keys, GokaiOh performs a front-flip flying karate chop called the Gokai Aura Galaxy (ゴーカイオーラギャラクシー Gōkai Ōra Gyarakushī), which is akin to Land Galaxy's Iron Fist Aura Galaxy finisher.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Dynaman Keys, GokaiOh performs the Gokai Super Dynamite (ゴーカイスーパーダイナマイト Gōkai Sūpā Dainamaito), modeled after the Dynaman's signature Super Dynamite, where GokaiOh turns into a giant fireball with enough explosive force to plow through most anything.
  • When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Jetmen Keys, GokaiOh becomes a large firebird to execute the Gokai Jet Phoenix (ゴーカイジェットフェニクス Gōkai Jetto Fenikusu).

Greater Power Formations

Magi GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Magiranger Keys, GokaiOh becomes Magi GokaiOh (マジゴーカイオー Magi Gōkaiō) with parts of the Magi Dragon emerging from the limb hatches and Gokai Hō. In this state, Magi GokaiOh can fly, shoot flames from Magi Dragon's mouth, or even have Magi Dragon separate from it to attack independently. Its finishing attack is the Gokai Magi Bind (ゴーカイマジバインド Gōkai Maji Baindo) where Magi Dragon is launched from GokaiOh, forming three circles of magic around the opponent as it flies around them which then crush the opponent as they constrict around them.

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 3-4, 8, 23, 39

Deka GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Dekaranger Keys, GokaiOh becomes Deka GokaiOh (デカゴーカイオー Deka Gōkaiō) with parts of the Pat Striker emerging from its limb hatches and Gokai Hō. In this state, Deka GokaiOh can use the parts of the Patrol Striker in its arms as pistols and even have the Patrol Striker separate from it to attack independently. It's finishing attack is the Gokai Full Blast (ゴーカイフルブラスト Gōkai Furu Burasuto) during which Deka GokaiOh fires all of Pat Striker's guns in rapid succession to mow down the target in a hail of bullets.

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 5-6, 8, 13

Gao GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Gaoranger Keys, they summon GaoLion which combines with GokaiOh to become Gao GokaiOh (ガオゴーカイオー Gao Gōkaiō), a formation similar to GaoKentaurus. Gao GokaiOh's finishing attack is the Gokai Animal Heart (ゴーカイアニマルハート Gōkai Animaru Hāto), where GaoLion releases a powerful energy beam from its mouth, weakening the opponent before GokaiOh finishes it off with the Gokai Slash.

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 9-10, 12

Shinken GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Shinkenger Keys, they summon GaoLion who undergoes the Gao GokaiOh transformation before combining with GokaiOh to become Shinken GokaiOh (シンケンゴーカイオー Shinken Gōkaiō), a formation similar to Samurai Gattai ShinkenOh, as well as Hyakujuu Gattai GaoKing. Armed with the Gokai Naginata (ゴーカイナギナタ Gōkai Naginata), Shinken GokaiOh has access to the Fire, Water, Heaven, Wood, and Earth Mojikara, enabling it to control the elements. Shinken GokaiOh's finishing attack is the Gokai Samurai Slash (ゴーカイ侍斬り Gōkai Samurai Giri), summoning a mecha-scale Rekka Daizantou engulfed in flames as hot as 1,000°C (1,830°F) which then cleaves through the target.

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 12-14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 49

Goren GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Gorenger Keys, they summon Variblune which combines with GokaiOh to become Goren GokaiOh (ゴレンゴーカイオー Goren Gōkaiō). In this state, Goren GokaiOh can fly/hover by using the propellers on the Variblune as a helicopter pack. Goren GokaiOh's finishing attack is the Gokai Hurricane: Cassiopeia (ゴーカイハリケーン・カシオペア Gōkai Harikēn: Kashiopea), where the Gokai Ken are combined into one and are then energized with the power of the constellation Cassiopeia; creating a sword of incredible size (roughly double the length of Shinken GokaiOh's Rekka Daizantou) with a blade marked with the five colored stars of the Gorengers in the formation of Cassiopeia which is then used to bisect the opponent.

Appearances: 199 Hero Great Battle, Gokaiger Episode 50

Hurricane GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Hurricaneger Keys, they summon Fūraimaru, which GokaiOh combines with in order to become Hurricane GokaiOh (ハリケンカイオー Hariken Gōkaiō). In this state, Hurricane GokaiOh resembles Tenrai Senpuujin with a shuriken extending from each of its leg and arm cavities while the giant shuriken Fūraimaru rides on becomes a handheld weapon called the Shushutto Shuriken Chain (シュシュッと手裏剣チェーン Shushutto Shuriken Chēn) which can be used as a battle axe for close range combat, a bladed flail for striking at a distance, or as a fan to generate gusts of wind strong enough to send giant sized opponents flying. Hurricane GokaiOh has two finishing attacks:

  1. the Gokai Infinite Shuriken (ゴーカイ無限手裏剣 Gōkai Mugen Shuriken), which Hurricane GokaiOh sends off a flurry of shuriken from its arms and legs, similar to Deka GokaiOh's Gokai Full Burst finisher, and
  2. the Gokai Wind-Thunder Attack (ゴーカイ風雷アタック Gōkai Fūrai Atakku), which has Fūraimaru separate from Hurricane GokaiOh before he uses the Certain Kill Secret Technique: Turbulence Cherry Blossoms (必殺奥義・乱れ桜 Hissatsu Ōgi: Midare Zakura) to create an army of clones that then charge at the opponent with their weapons for rapid slashes.

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 26-27, 32-34

Go-On GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Power of the Go-Onger Keys, they summon Engine Machalon which combines with GokaiOh to become Go-On GokaiOh (ゴーオンゴーカイオー Gōon Gōkaiō); granting it increased speed and the ability to fly through Machalcon's Hover Mode (ホバーモード Hobā Mōdo). Go-On GokaiOh's finishing attack is the Gokai Go-On Grand Prix (ゴーカイゴーオングランプリ Gōkai Gōon Guran Puri), where after ascending into the air through Hover Mode, Go-On GokaiOh drops down in a descending overhead slash with a Gokai Ken.

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 36-37

GoZyu GokaiOh

When the Gokaigers use the Greater Powers of the Abarangers with all of the Abaranger Keys, GokaiOh exchanges arms with GoZyuJin to become GoZyu GokaiOh (豪獣ゴーカイオー Gōjū Gōkaiō, Brave Beast GokaiOh). In this form, Gai's cockpit is teleported to GokaiOh, appearing in front of Marvelous' console.

At first Gai thought that the Abarangers Powers only created GoZyuJin. But when Yukito Sanjyou appeared, he revealed to the Gokaigers that Mikoto Nakadai had not told them everything and that GokaiOh could also use the Abaranger Keys. The formation is similar to the "Blastasaur Armament" formations used by Abarenoh.

GoZyu Gokaioh's finishing attacks are the Gokai Dengeki Drill Spin (ゴーカイ電撃ドリルスピン Gōkai Dengeki Doriru Supin) in the way AbarenOh used to unleash his finisher, and the Gokai Rex Drill (ゴーカイレックスドリル Gōkai Rekkusu Doriru), where Gozyu Gokaioh first slashes the opponent with the drill arm and then bites them with the Rex head arm. The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination

Appearances: Gokaiger Episodes 29, 37

Kanzen GokaiOh

Kanzen GokaiOh (カンゼンゴーカイオー Kanzen Gōkaiō) is the combined form of GokaiOh, GoZyuJin, and Machalcon. When asked by Machalcon what their own Greater Power was, none of the Gokaigers knew if they actually had one. But during their second fight with Warz Gill, when they resolved to never give up on finding their dreams, their own Greater Power was awakened and allowed them to summon the Kanzen Soul which they insert into Machalcon's port engine slot to trigger the transformation. Like with GoZyu GokaiOh, Gai's cockpit is also teleported to GokaiOh's cockpit, once again appearing in front of Marvelous'.

Kanzen GokaiOh attacks with the Kanzen Missiles (カンゼンミサイル Kanzen Misairu), fired from the finger tips of its enlarged left hand, and the Kanzen Drill (カンゼンドリル Kanzen Doriru) slash attack with GoZyuJin's drill which serves as its right arm. Kanzen GokaiOh's finishing attack is the Gokai Kanzen Burst (ゴーカイカンゼンバースト Gōkai Kanzen Bāsuto) where Kanzen GokaiOh fires its left hand at the target to blast through whatever it hits. Kanzen GokaiOh also has a more powerful but less used finisher called Gokai Kanzen Super Burst (ゴーカイカンゼンスーパーバースト Gōkai Kanzen Sūpā Bāsuto) where after summoning MagiDragon, Pat-Striker, GaoLion, and Fūraimaru; the Legend Sentai Mecha combine their firepower (MagiDragon breathing a jet of flame, Pat-Striker firing its forward bumper lasers, GaoLion firing its Animal Heart, and Fūraimaru unleashing his Infinite Shuriken technique) to further weaken the opponent before Kanzen GokaiOh finishes them off with it Super Burst.

In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, Kanzen GokaiOh combines with Gavan's Electronic Starbeast Dol by riding on it in a formation known as Kanzen GokaiOh and Dol (カンゼンゴーカイオー&ドル (Kanzen Gōkaiō ando Doru).

The Day of Battle

In The Day of Battle, Goren GokaiOh was shot out of the sky by the large fleet of Zangyack ships, along with GoZyuJin, Gao Lion, Fūraimaru, the Pat Striker, and MagiDragon. But, MagiDragon, Fūraimaru, and Pat Striker were defeated, GaoLion was wounded, and Machalcon is forced back to the Machine World. GokaiOh was then destroyed by the Gigant Horse, with the GokaiGalleon suffering heavy damage. After the defeat of the Emperor and several months of repair work, the Gokai Galleon was restored to its former glory.

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst.

Representing Gokaiger, Kanzen GokaiOh appeared among manifestations of the first 38 Super Sentai's mecha that granted Wild Tousai Shuriken King the power to perform the Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst which destroyed the titanic Gillmarda. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai


Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

GokaiOh as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

  • Profile
GokaiOh: to be added
Magi GokaiOh: to be added
Gao GokaiOh: to be added
Goujyu GokaiOh: to be added
Go-On GokaiOh: to be added
Kanzen GokaiOh: to be added

Super Sentai Battle Base

GokaiOh as seen in Battle Base.

GokaiOh is among the vast pantheon of Mecha which is avaliable in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.

ToQ-Oh GokaiOh

Main article: Ressha Gattai ToQ-Oh

ToQ-Oh GokaiOh is the ToQgers' version of GokaiOh which is formed when the Gokai Galleon-based Gokaiger Ressha replaces Red Ressha in ToQ-Oh. It is currently exclusive to the toyline.


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