Kaito & Iriya

Kaito and Princess Iriya

Kaito (魁人 Kaito) is the leader of the resistance held against the Orgs on the volcanic island. He held half of the ruby needed to form Gao Kong's jewel. He died while protecting Princess Iriya from Zeus Org. Kaito is performed by actor Mikio Osawa.


  • Kaito might be considered a loose analogue to Ransik's role in Reinforcements from the Future, at least as far as having sacrificed himself to fight the three Org Brothers, though in Ransik's case he survived the destruction of his own mutant DNA. Though the resemblance was most likely unintentional, it could be supported by the fact that the three Org brothers were originally intended to feature in "Reinforcements from the Future", until the Mut-Orgs had to be conceived as a substitute.
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