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This article is about a/an ranger in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.

"Lupin Red!"
―Lupin Red's roll call[src]

"You've been warned. We're taking your treasure!"
―Lupin Red's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

―Lupin Red's catchphrase when leaving[src]

Kairi Yano (夜野魁利 Yano Kairi) is a 19 year old (20 as of episode 49) part-timer at Bistrot Jurer who transforms into Lupin Red (ルパンレッド RupanReddo), the Red Ranger of the Lupinrangers. He also became temporarily Patren 1gou by using the Trigger Machine 1gou with his VS Changer.

Character History

When Kairi was a child, his parents died and he was raised primarily by his older brother Shori Yano. However, when he was 18, he lost his brother to Zamigo Delma. Provided with a VS Changer by Kogure, butler to the descendant of the legendary thief Arsène Lupin, Kairi was promised that by becoming one of the Lupinrangers and reclaiming the Lupin Collection, he would be able to grant his wish and bring back who he had lost. Becoming Lupin Red, Kairi joined Blue and Yellow, Tooma Yoimachi and Umika Hayami, with whom he made the promise to claim their wish. Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them

Sometime after graduating from high school, he moved into and began working at the Bistrot Jurer.

One year later, infiltrating the illegal casino of Gangler Monster Ruretta Gerou, the three Lupinrangers beat the GSPO officers in shutting down his operations as they retrieved the Comme un cube qui roule. On the following day, Kairi bumped into his counterpart Keiichiro Asaka before returning the Lupin Collection treasure he caught to Kogure, who gave him his next objective, the Allume-moi held by Garatt Nargo at the vacant Konoe Factory on Kurehama Pier. Though caught by Garatt with his teammates Tooma Yoimachi and Umika Hayami at the Monster's mercy, the Lupinranger soon revealed their proficiency in saving themselves while working in a team. However, their battle was interrupted by the same trio of GSPO officers who, to the surprise of the thieves, revealed their own VS Changers which they used to transform into the Patrangers with the intent to arrest both the Gangler and the Lupinrangers. Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thieves

In the ensuing battle, Nargo took his leave as the two Sentai fought, with the Lupinrangers eventually taking off in their enlarged Dial Fighters: Lupin Red's Red Dial Fighter successfully eluded Patren 1gou's Trigger Machine 1gou. Once Nargo returned to wreak havoc, the Lupinrangers reclaimed his Lupin Collection piece and were content to leave him to the Patrangers, but when he was revived and enlarged, they boarded their Dial Fighters to face him. Assisted by GoodStriker, a sentient piece of the Lupin Collection whom initially appeared on the Patrangers' side, the Lupinrangers found that they could use his power to combine their Fighters into the Kaitou Gattai LupinKaiser, allowing them to destroy the Gangler Monster once and for all. Taking their new friend, named "Goodie" by Umika, back home to the Bistrot Jurer, the three thieves were met by the Tactical Unit officers. Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them

Though the thieves were put on edge, it was soon apparent that the police were unaware of their identities and the Tactical Unit had simply come to eat, however, they were called away before they could order; at this time, Goodie also took his leave. After returning the Allume-moi to Kogure, the Lupinrangers were given their next target: Namero Bacho, whom they found engaged in battle with the Patrangers. Both at the Bistrot and in battle, Tooma repeatedly jeopardized the team in his attempts to seize the Patrangers' VS Changers. Kairi confronted him on this and presented an alternative tactic by using the Patrangers as bait to lure out the Gangler. While the Patrangers were incapacitated, the Lupinrangers, having caught up with GoodStriker, used his power in the VS Changer to finish off Namero; Lupin Red was not combined with his teammates as expected, but rather split in three, allowing the Lupinrangers to perform a five-man Itadaki Strike. When they mentioned not having told Kogure about Goodie, he hastily took his leave, and it was the Patrangers whose power he granted to form the Keisatsu Gattai PatKaiser and defeated the enlarged Gangler. Returning the Qui a fait qui to Kogure, the thieves learned that GoodStriker would always be difficult to handle and that he could well have had a part in the Patrangers receiving Lupin Collection pieces, after which the Tactical Officers returned to the Bistrot for their dinner date. Number 3: Take Them Back No Matter What


Kairi is a level-headed person who is devoted to reclaiming the Lupin collection, albeit he usually slacks off during his work in Bistro Jurer. Kairi takes his Phantom Thief job seriously. He's able to think outside the box as he was able to 'use' the Patrangers for helping Lupinrangers course of actions and possesses good leadership skills.

Kairi held a massive grudge against Zamigo Delma since Zamigo is the one who killed the Lupinrangers' loved ones. His grudge is massive enough that he attempted to take Zamigo alone. He also usually lost his cool when fighting the latter.

Many moments of failures and depression have often left him wondering about his jerky side, but help from others quickly remedy the doubts. Although Keiichiro helps makes him sentimental as it reminds him of His late brother.

Kairi also has his own free will; setting of to accomplish thing his own way, with no hesitation to do the emotionally hard tasks, planning on retrieving the Lupin Collections and the lost loved ones in one way only: as a Phantom Thief, even going as far as unmasking himself publicly to beat Dogranio.

Video game appearances

Super Sentai Legend Wars

LupinRed Card in Super Sentai Legend Wars

LupinRed Card

LupinRed appears with his team among all Sentai in the mobile game Super Sentai Legend Wars.

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

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Ranger Powers


Lupin Red

"Red! 0-1-0 Masqueraise! Kaitou Change! Lupinranger!"
―Transformation announcement via VS Changer[src]



Appearances: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Episodes 1-13, 15-18, 20-25, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en film, 26-28, 30-32, 34-43, 45, 47-51, Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger VS Lupinranger VS Patranger

Lupin Red Clones

Lupin Red Clones

"GoodStriker! Make a Game! 3-2-1! Action!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Itadaki Strike!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

When setting GoodStriker in the VS Changer, Lupin Red is divided into three Lupin Red Clones (ルパンレッド分身 Rupan Reddo Bunshin). In this form, the Lupin Red clones are armed with either the VS Changer with GoodStriker, the Lupin Sword in Sword Mode, or the Lupin Sword in Magic Hand Mode.




  • Itadaki Strike (イタダキストライク Itadaki sutoraiku, Reception Strike): the clones fire energy halos from their Lupin Swords, and the main clone fires a supercharged shot from his/her VS Changer with GoodStriker, destroying the foe. It can be accompanied by other finisher attacks.

Appearances: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Episodes 3, 8, 16, 22-23, 26

LupinRed Knight
"Scissors! 9-6-3! Masqueraise! Kaitou Boost! (Scissor cutting sound effects)"
―Transformation announcement via VS Changer[src]

By inserting the Scissors Dial Fighter into the VS Changer, Lupin Red can summon the Scissor Shield (シザーシールド Shizā Shīrudo) and the Blade Boomerang (ブレードブーメラン Burēdo Būmeran).


  • Scissor Shield
  • Blade Boomerang


Appearances: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Episodes 10, 12-13, 15, 23, 25, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film, 42

"Magic! 0-2-9! Masqueraise! Kaitou Boost! (Magical sound effects)"
―Transformation announcement via VS Changer[src]

By inserting the Magic Dial Fighter into the VS Changer, Lupin Red can summon the Magic Arrow (マジックアロー Majikku Arō) bow.


  • Magic Arrow


Appearances: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Episodes 28, 32

LupinRed Splash
"Splash! Patrize! Keisatsu Boost! (Water Splashing's sound effects)"
―Transformation announcement via VS Changer[src]

By inserting the Trigger Machine Splash into the VS Changer, Lupin Red can summon the Splash Buster (スプラッシュバスター Supurasshu Basutā) on his right forearm.


  • Splash Buster


Appearances: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Episodes 30-32, 34, 36

Lupin tricolor
"Jackpot! 7-7-7! Masqueraise! Kaitou Boost! (Slot machine sounds effects)"
―Transformation announcement via VS Changer[src]
Main article: Lupin Tricolor

Lupin Tricolor[2] (ルパントリコロール) is a fusion form created by the trio of Lupinrangers combining their powers through the use of the Jackpot Striker.



This Form is exclusively to Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film

"VictoryStriker! 1-1-1! Miracle Masqueraise! Super Kaitou Change! Lupin~ranger!"
―VS Changer power-up transformation announcement[src]

Lupin Red inserts the VictoryStriker in the VS Changer to transform into Super Lupin Red. This form allows Kairi to predict the opponent moves.



Appearances: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Episode 39-45, 47-48, 50, Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger


Patren 1gou

"1gou! Pat Rise! Keisatsu Change! Patranger!"
―Transformation announcement via VS Changer[src]


This Form is exclusively to Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger

Legend Sentai Devices

Super Sentai Full Bottle

Super Sentai Fullbottle

Super Sentai FullbottleIcon-crosswiki (スーパー戦隊フルボトル Sūpā Sentai Furubotoru): Used by Build to Best Match with Kamen Rider and access Super Hero Time Form. This bottle features the likeness of Lupin Red and Patren 1gou.

KSRvsKSLvsKSP-Lupinranger Soul



LupinrangerSoul (Knight Mode)

A LupinrangerSoul (ルパンレンジャーソウル RupanrenjāSōru) was used by RyusoulRed to transform into LupinRed.

Behind the Scenes

  • His actor, Asahi Itou, is the first Red Ranger actor to be born in the 2000s, unless one counts Homare Mabuchi, who portrayed the true, child form of Right Suzuki/ToQ 1gou.
    • His actor is also the youngest to play a Red Ranger actor.
  • There is an obvious height discrepancy with Kairi and Tooma Yoimachi/Lupin Blue between their civilian and Sentai Ranger forms. While Tooma is taller than Kairi in civilian form, Lupin Red is now taller than Lupin Blue. This is due to the difference in height between the actors and their suit actors.



  • Like other Lupinrangers, His family name is associated with night or evening.
    • His family name, 夜野 (Yano), can roughly translated as night field.
      • This can be contrast to his actors given name, あさひ (Asahi), if write his name in Kanji as 朝陽 (means morning sun).
  • Just like Enter, he had the tendency to sprinkle French words into his speech.
  • Like Tsuyoshi Kaijo, his brother was killed.
  • Kairi can be considered the strongest ranger in the series as:
    • He defeats Patren 1gou in a one-on-one fight.
    • He can fight with Zamigo alone for an amount of time, even when he is badly injured.
    • He is able to defeat a Gangler by himself, without having to don his Lupinranger form.
    • He can hold himself alone with two cops and force them out of a Giant Robo cockpit.
  • Kairi is similar to Arsene Lupin III from Lupin III franchise in which both are wearing red coats and have their rival police detectives.
  • Being based on a jet fighter, Super Lupin Red's ability to predict enemies' movement is likely a reference to the myth of how experienced pilots developed a sixth sense, similar to Newtypes and the Zero System from the Gundam series.



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