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Kaijurugin (カイジュルギン Kaijurugin) (23,41) is an alien of planet Nopperi associated with the Silver Imperial Army Zone.

Character History

Originally a blank-faced alien with the ability to take possession based on whatever doll it gained the form of, it becomes "Kaijurugin" by possessing a monster puppet used by Ken and several children as part of a show using their "Five-kun Dolls", making the grudge of the puppet become its own grudge. Once formed, it possesses all of the puppets for the show (both the Five-kun Dolls and Garoa-kun) in order to have Fiveman become hurt whenever their puppet is attacked during the show performed by Ginga Sentai Gingaman. Realizing the Five-kun Dolls were only associated with Fiveman, Ken changes back to his civilian guise and uses it to defeat Kaijurugin's curse. Fiveman quickly defeat it with the Earth Cannon; when Dongoros uses Gorlin #19 to make it grow, they defeat it with ease with Super Five Robo's Super Vector Punch.


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  • Aside from its monstrous strength and power, Kaijurugin's main ability involves the possession of the control of the souls within dolls and puppets; both in its possession ability in gaining a doll's soul, as well as the ability to take over souls and connect the doll's soul with the soul of the ones associated with it, thus allowing for Fiveman to get hurt when their Five-kun doll is attacked, but only when they are transformed into Fiveman.

Behind the Scenes


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