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Egos' Kaijin Manufacturing Machine

The Kaijin Manufacturing Capsule (怪人製造カプセル Kaijin Seizō Kapuseru) is a living orb-shaped device used by Secret Society Egos to create the monsters used for their schemes. The device has objects placed within the capsule, where they are inundated by a genetic transfer beam transferring the genetics of Satan Egos to the object via its crystal, mutating the object into a monster which Egos' leader dubs as its "child". Any object can be placed within the capsule and turned into a monster, including humans upon several occasions, who are corrupted and permanently changed and altered under Satan Egos' will.Ep. 2: Egos' Monster-Making MethodEp. 4: It's a Super-Powered Trap!

As part of his final scheme, Satan Egos lures Battle Fever into Egos' headquarters and traps them within the Kaijin Manufacturing Capsule, with the intent of mutating the heroes into a "Battle Fever Monster" in order to use them to conquer the world for it. Trapped with no means to escape, Battle France discovers the "heart" of the object, which they use Penta-Force against, ultimately allowing their escape and destroying Satan Egos' monster-maker.Final Ep.: The Symphony of the Heroes


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