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Kaigalar is Vader Monster "19" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Kaigalar is summoned by General Hedrer to make use of the legend of the creature known as "Umihiko", using its power to change several males with the "umi" kanji within their names into this beast; including Youtaro, a friend of Akira Momoi who was visiting while contemplating moving away from Japan to a South Seas island. When Kaigalar's Umihiko squadron fails to capture Akira, the three initial Umihiko males are massacred while Youtarou is forced to run for his life with Akira's assistance in hopes of getting to the ocean and thus reach his dream. Once Youtarou is finally sent to the ocean, the Denziman face Kaigalar, throwing multiple attacks at it before finishing it off with the Denzi Lightning Fall. After growing, it splashes water into the eyes of DaiDenzin, forcing it to use Denzi Sword to clear them before destroying the Vader Monster with the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main ability is the usage of a flute that changes those with the genetics of the "Umihiko" within themselves into an Umihiko creature, growing blue fins on their hands and feet and gills that create a harder time breathing on land and easier on the water. He likewise has abilities to attack through water bombs via his mouth, has a machine gun in the butt of his flute, teleport, jump high, and change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Kaigalar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Kai" - Seashell
  • Kaigalar is the first Vader Monster whose number is not the number prior to the previous episode, being "19" instead of "17" (however, "17" and "18" will be the next two Vader Monsters)


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