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Kageyuki Kazakiri (風切 景幸 Kazakiri Kageyuki) is a doctor and the estranged father of Yamato Kazakiri.

Character History

15 years ago, Kageyuki found an injured Bud. He took him to the vet and saved his life. However, this caused him to miss his last moment with his wife. Ep. 46: The Immortal God of Destruction

Ep. 42: The Future of this Planet

Ep. 45: Lifted Seal

Ep. 46: The Immortal God of Destruction

Ep. 47: The Last Game

This event as well lead to Yamato's discovery of Bud's relation to his father, which left Yamato feeling confused as to his treatment of his father in the immediate aftermath. Having learned Yamato's identity as Zyuoh Eagle, he met Yamato at Wakako's grave, paying their respects as Kageyuki tried talking his son out of continuing the fight. Kageyuki explains that he acted distant from Yamato during his childhood because his job as a doctor invovled dealing with the sick and dead - something he did not expect a child to understand. Yamato rebuts by saying that at the very least he wanted Kageyuki to give him that chance so Yamato wouldn't have felt abandoned in the world upon his mother's death. The two reconcile, realizing that each had been stubborn in their own way, and Kageyuki agrees to let Yamato continue fighting. Yamato then tell Kageyuki that he will introduce him to his zyuman friends afterwards, so he'd better be home when that happens.

After the Earth and Zyuland combined, Kageyuki managed to get the situation of his hospital under his control while meeting Bud for the final time before the latter departed. Final Ep.: Earth is Our Home


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Behind the Scenes


Kageyuki Kazakiri is portrayed by Tomiyuki Kunihiro (国広 富之 Kunihiro Tomiyuki).


While it was decided from the start that the character of Yamato Kazakiri's father would be a doctor, it was briefly considered that his profession be changed in light of the fact that it would match with that of the protagonistsIcon-crosswiki of the concurrent Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki. Ultimately, however, it was decided that there were no other appropriate alternatives and so the character remained a doctor.[1]



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