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Kabuto Canth (カブトカンス Kabutokansu, 1) is a Mecha Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Mason and Messer Beast


Kabuto Canth is a mecha that has the ability to roll up into a ball, a cannon on each shoulder, and uses a claw-and-chain for its right hand as a weapon. Though summoned to work alongside Mason and Messer Beast, it worked on its own in combat.


Kabuto Canth is the first Mecha Gigan sent by Doctor Man and Neo Empire Gear to begin his attack on Earth, sent to destroy the advanced city of Technotopia 21 in Japan in order to prove the power of his science over theirs. In the midst of Kabuto Canth's attack, Bio Robo revives and abducts five Technotopia citizens to be utilized by Peebo into becoming Bioman and fighting against Gear's threat. After dealing with the ground forces, Bioman utilize Bio Robo and battle with Kabuto Canth, even attacking on the nearby mountain briefly before destroying it with the Straight Flash technique using their mecha's Super Maser sword.



Concept Art

  • The "kabuto" in "Kabuto Canth" refers to "Kabutogani", a Horseshoe Crab.


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