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Kabukichōmesugurohyoumonchou (歌舞伎町メスグロヒョウモンチョウ?, lit. "KabukichōAgrynnisSagana") is a "manager" whose intent is to transform Akihabara into a hostess entertainment district. In his human form he tries to persuade young women to join his cause. However, when they refuse, he sends Shatieeks to kidnap them. With a snap of his finger, he transforms with glittering light into his butterfly-like monster form.


Human form

He is an extremely aggressive male monster with a penchant for subduing men as well. His tendency towards "doujin", which drives him to harass Akiba Red, completely distracts Akiba Yellow who finds male-subjugation stories riveting. He is defeated when Akiba Blue buried him with the Bouken Shovel and with Nobuo and Yumeria already sobered up, they finished him with their Moe Magnum. Ep. 3: Pain Touch! Drunken Hero Adventure!!

HSA-Kabukicho Shades

(Top) Kabukichō's original appearance. (Bottom) His appearance when he returned.

He is later revived and he fought the Akibarangers once again. After making Yumeria return to her original form, Masako Yamada took up her MMZ-01 and transformed into Akiba Yellow to fight him. He is left to his doom by a jealous ©Na and is defeated with Mega Moe Fire. Ep. 5: Our Pain ☆ Yellow Mama


  • Kabukichōmesugurohyomoncho has the third longest name of any monster, Ranger, ally, or villain in either the Power Rangers or Super Sentai franchises.
  • Kabukichōmesugurohyomoncho's human form potrayed by Shin Koyanagi (小柳 心 Koyanagi Shin)
  • Kabukichōmesugurohyomoncho uses a similar facemask that Brajira of the Messiah uses in his many forms.
  • He is described by Akiba Yellow to have a "Green River Light" voice. It is the literal English translation of his voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa's name. [1]
  • His face mask is slightly altered in Episode 5, with the shades added to it.


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