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"Kabuki! Kabuki! Kabuki boy! Here we go!""
―Kabuki Novice's first words (whilst possessing a security guard) when Shouji and Ryo forced him to reveal his Gorma feature (the kabuki hair) and when going to attack them.[src]

""What should I--?""
―Kabuki Novice's final words before his robot body's destruction.[src]

""So, my time's up.""
―Kabuki Novice's final words before his death.[src]

Character History

A Gorma so obsessed with Kabuki, he had incorporated it into his character. He could possess people to gain full-control over any special talents they had, like boxing and kendo, which presented the Dairangers with difficulty when they had to face him without killing the person he possessed. He is first seen inside the body of a security guard who (when confronted by Shouji and Ryo) revealed his kabuki hairstyle. In spite of the two's best efforts, the spirit escaped and the guard was left confused. He was pursued by Grandmaster Yufang for abducting his fiancé, Shoukyou, to lend his Kabuki talent greater authenticity when playing feminine roles. He usually walked around in a metal robot form but was forced back into his normal form after Rin destroyed his robot body with the Great Wheel Blade Whirlwind Slash (having borrowed the blade from Yufang). The Gorma Triumvirate arrived to try and steal Byakkoshinken from Yufang but were stopped by the Dairangers although they were quickly overpowered quickly showed up to. He was wounded by the Great Wheel Blade Shoot and fell but slammed a growth bomb into the ground as he fell and grew with the explosion forcing the Triumverate to flee. He was then killed by Dairen'oh and it's Raging Hurricane Waves attack after his tongue attack failed and he was thrown through the air using an energy tornado (in it's Great King Unified-Lord, Single Shot Tornado attack).

Although he was killed, Shadam and the rest of the Triumverate's discover the existence of Byakkoshinken, which began the road to the debut of KibaRanger.


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