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"Everything is an illusion! This pleasure is the actual thing!  Your sword... has even reached the marrow... in my bones."
―Juzo Fuwa’s final words before his death.[src]

Juzo Fuwa (腑破 十臓 Fuwa Jūzō) was a mysterious Gedoshu regarded by his peers as a lone wolf (or "stray"), yet he appeared to know more than Dokoku Chimatsuri about the Sanzu River's true potential.


Juzo's insignia

Two hundred years ago, Juzo was a human master swordsman in life, eventually becoming disenchanted with the ways of bushido and thriving more on the pleasure of killing his opponents in battle. He meets Akumaro Sujigarano who provides him with the katana Uramasa to use as he wishes, seemingly unaware that the blade was forged from the souls of his family who tried to free him from his bloodlust. When he contracts a fatal illness, Juzo enters the Sanzu River to cheat death, completely discarding the goodness in his heart to become a Gedonin, a half-Gedoshu that can freely exist in both realms and assume a human form.

Unlike other Gedonin, who die out in a few years, Juzo endured over the centuries and thus is condemned with an insatiable urge to find an ideal opponent, a fellow samurai who strays from the teachings of bushidō, to clash blades with. As a result, Juzo mistakes the blade's cries of sadness for an equal lust for battle, though he later claims that his family has lost their desire to stop him after he entered the Sanzu River.

He finds his opponent in Takeru Shiba, after witnessing his sword fighting as Shinken Red. This obsession with fighting Takeru leads Dokoku Chimatsuri to seal Juzo's Gedoshu powers, leaving him for dead in the Sanzu River. Although he survives with Dayu's aid, he continues to defy Dokoku by making sure that Takeru is at his strongest for their next fight, even curing him of Shitari's poisoning. After a long battle in which he manages to severely wound Shinken Red, Juzo is defeated and falls off the cliff into the ocean below.

However, Juzo survives, with the Uramasa's blade shattered. He remains in the mountainside until Dayu finds him and relays Akumaro's offer to work for him in return for restoring his blade. To his chagrin, he has to rely on the Bantō Dokuhōmatsu replacement broadsword that hampers his normal fighting style. Later fed up waiting for the Uramasa to be repaired, Juzo confronts Akumaro and learns his weapon's origins, and that he has been nothing but a pawn in Akumaro's plan. As it turns out, though, he knew the history behind his blade, having desired nothing but the bloodshed throughout his life. In one last battle against Takeru, he is defeated by Takeru's sword, which slices him in two. And, as he was destroyed, so was the Uramasa.

Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


Juzo is one of four Super Sentai Villains who are revived to serve under Hammie and Space Ninja DemostIcon-crosswiki.png of GenmakuIcon-crosswiki.png. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad[1]

Super Sentai Battle Base

Juzo Fuwa is among the vast pantheon of villains which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.


Juzo takes pleasure in causing destruction and chaos wherever he goes, all for the sake of finding a worthy opponent for him to face. He shows no empathy towards anyone, including his own family, as he knew all along that Uramasa was created from their souls yet continued to kill with it anyway. He has no sense of honor, and is all the more glad to kill innocent people for his own agendas. Even when he saves Takeru and stops Akumaroo’s plan to bring Hell to Earth, it’s not out of altruism, but so he can freely fight Takeru as he pleases.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Uramasa (裏正 "Injustice") - Juzo's personal sword. With this sword he can sent out energy slashes, and increase his striking power.
  • Bantō Dokuhōmatsu (蛮刀毒泡沫 Barbarian Sword Poisonous Bubbles) - Juzo's replacement for the Uramasa.

Behind the Scenes


Juzo Fuwa is voiced by Mitsuru Karahashi (唐橋 充 Karahashi Mitsuru), who previously portray Naoya KaidoIcon-crosswiki.png/Snake Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555Icon-crosswiki.png and would later portray Hayato FukamiyaIcon-crosswiki.png/Kamen Rider Calibur in Kamen Rider SaberIcon-crosswiki.png. His suit actor is Riichi Seike (清家 利一 Seike Riichi).


  • Juzo is modeled after the Shōjō (猩猩) of Japanese myth.

Concept Art


  • His name can be roughly translated as "disemboweling ten organs" (腑破十臓 fu ha jū zō).


  • His replacement sword is a recolored version of the weapon used by Oinogare.
  • Juzo Fuwa has his own insignia in which appears in a Neo Kyutama in Kyuranger vs. Space Squad.
  • Uramasa's true cutting edge is the backsides making it resemble a "Sakaboto"
    Juzo Kyutama.jpg


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