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Juza Yumihari (弓張 重三 Yumihari Jūza) is a Samurai General (侍大将 Samurai Taishō) in the Kibaoni Army Corps. He will appear as the antagonist in the in the upcoming Ninninger film, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger The Movie: The Dinosaur Lord's Splendid Ninja Scroll!.

Character History

Juza is tasked for searching for the “Evil Dragon” said to dwell within go to a secret hidden village that only ninjas can reach. He also has threatened the village castle.[1]


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Behind the Scenes


Juza Yumihari is voiced by Hiroki Tōchi (東地 宏樹 Tōchi Hiroki).

His suit actor is currently unknown.


  • Like the other Kibaoni higher-ups, Juza sports an incomplete Noh mask, with Juza's resembling a cut-in-half hatachiamari mask.


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