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Character History

Juuzaiann Braidy (ジューザ星人ブライディ Jūza Seijin Buraidi, 6): Not actually Alienizer, but is made to look like one by Kersus due to his malice for cars, which played a part in his family's demise. He is enlarged by Rainian Agent Abrella and is brought in by Dekaranger Robo. Though he did wreck public property, his sentencing wouldn't be as severe, due to the recent events that caused it.


It's unknown what kind of person he is, though it can be assumed that he was a loving husband & father. Due to the death of his wife & child from a car accident, he would destroy every car he sees.

Despite causing wreck to public property, he claims to never hurt anyone, which proves that he's not bad at all.

Modus and Arsenal

  • He has ability to conjures blades from his arms, which can cut through metal with ease.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet and his name are named after Friday the 13th franchise.


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