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"Inspiration Sparkling! Kiramai Red!"
―Kiramai Red's Roll Call[src]

―Juru/Kiramai Red's Catchphrase every time his imagination pops up.[src]

"Inspiration Sparkling! Kiramai Fire!"
―Fire's Roll Call while in Juru's body[src]

Juru Atsuta (熱田 充瑠 Atsuta Jūru) is Kiramai Red (キラメイレッド Kiramei Reddo), the Red Ranger and leader of the Kiramagers.

Juru is 17 years old at the beginning of the series, the same age as his actor.[1] His birthday is October 6th.[2]

Character History

Kiramagers' debut

Muryou Hakataminami, a supervisor of CARAT, has developed the Kiramai Changers, in preparation for Yodon's invasion of the Earth. Mabushina decides to use the Kiramai Stones to search for warriors who have strong Kiramental. After that the 5 other Kiramagers were chosen, Mashin Fire finally found his partner at Hikarigamine High School, where an enthusiastic young man called Juru Atsuta has been sketching a portrait of his classmate.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO

As Yodonheim attacks, Juru is chosen to be Kiramai Red. The teams counter-attack, but Juru fascinated, is drawing all Kiramagers in action, annoying his teammates in the midst of the battle, as they don't think he's Kiramai Red. Juru refuses to say he's Kiramai Red and is impressed by the fact that the Kiramagers in fact are all famous people. Tametomo slates him for annoying the team during their fight, and he goes to see Mabushiina. Later, on a rooftop, Juru still draws his teammates, and Mabushiina asks him to wear his uniform and to learn how to use the Kiramai Changer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 1: The Mashin Are Born!Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Kirameki Movie Vol. 1

Juru is taken by Mabushina to CARAT headquarters for the first time. He is greeted by the other four members and Mr. Hakataminami, who all congratulate him by saying "Let's work well together, leader!" He is surprised to learn that he is supposed to be the leader of the team. In Crystalia, there is apparently a rule that states whoever is chosen by the Red Kiramai Stone will become the leader of the Kiramagers. It's not like he could say no, but just then the enemy initiates yet another sudden attack. A strange monster with the head of a rugby ball has destroyed a section of the Kiramager's own city, claiming that a "Rugby Match of Hell" was about to begin. As the Kiramagers start to charge into battle, Juru tries to act like a leader. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 2: Leader Certification

On how to be a better leader

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 8.png

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 7: Training For You Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 8: Express Lightning

Identity revealed

Mizuki ended up in supplementary class along with him and 2 other classmates. However, he receives an emergency call through his Kiramai Changer which prompted him to help his team. This in turn prompted Mizuki to personally witness his potential private face. Upon being stuck with him as Kiramei Red, she was brought to CARAT. She's amazed by the fact that the Kiramagers are famous figure based on their talents alone, which probe her in asking Kiramei Red to reveal his face. However, Takamichi's arrival and questioning of the situation results in Juru being exposed, much to her apparent shock. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 20: Dangerous Pair

Mizuki Kakihara & Kiramei Red.png
KiramaRed Identity revealed.png

In Other Media


Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 1-kai! The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!


Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!!

KSZe-Red roll call 5.png

Juru alongside with his Sentai Red Rangers predecessor appeared to help Zenkaigers.Movieicon.png Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!!


Naive and the new kid on the block during the Dark Empire Yodonheim invasion, Juru was infamous for his tendency to draw no matter the crisis, having gotten close to the Kiramagers in combat just to draw them in battle. He is also easily distracted by his hobby, often getting him in trouble at school, though he can draw extremely realistic pictures when he feels the need, while also being impressively quick and adaptive. Despite this, he knows when to take responsibility and when to take charge, even when he was unsure of his new position as leader of the group. His artistic hobby grants him extreme creativity, which allowed his Kiramental to shape new forms for the Mashin. While Juru usually addresses others with honorifics, he simply calls their names casually when he's in ranger form.

Juru also displays tendencies to show behaviors almost identical to King Oradin's, partially due to meeting the late Crystalian king in his mind. While the other Kiramagers and Princess Mabushina find these tendencies to be awkward, Galza finds them increasingly infuriating, primarily due to the hatred he holds towards King Oradin.

Powers and Abilities

Being a high school student, Juru is the only member of his team to not have developed his own fighting style prior to joining the Kiramagers. Though he is sometimes shown training with the others, he currently lacks Sena's stamina and speed, Tametomo's marksmanship, Shiguru's swordsmanship, and Sayo's martial arts knowledge. What he lacks in physical ability, however, he more than compensates for in mental ability.

  • Imagination Manifestation: Juru possesses a strong imagination that allows him to bring whatever he draws, whether it be any material, being or tool originating from his imagination, into existence and literally bring his wildest ideas into reality. He is the only member of the Kiramager team with this ability. In Juuru's dreams, King Oradin's spirit has theorized that Juuru's ability to do this is at its strongest when his physical body has been completely exhausted.
  • Precognition: While Juru can imagine anything that he can easily draw on his notebook, he can even perceive the future through his dreams, though this ability can only trigger when he can draw something useful.
  • Mental Link: Oradin and Juru share a mental link, allowing one to read the other's thoughts.
  • Telepathy: Juru was able to hear Emperor Yodon's voice in his head.


Kiramai Red

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze!"
―Transformation sound[src]

Using the Kiramai Changer, Juru can access his Kiramager Form by pressing on the red button that symbolizes a Kiramager Helmet and then spins the "tire" to transform into his Kiramager Form allowing him to become Kiramai Red. In this form he has access to individual weapons and mechas that he can use in battle against Yodonheim and their Jamenshi. While Juru can not just help create and aid his team members while drawing the items that are needed, he can even draw concepts of his and his teams' mechas including other individual mechas that aids them in battle against the Jamen Beasts.




God Bird Alphasm (ゴッドバードアルファズム Goddo Bādo Arufazumu): Kiramai Red could draw his Kiramai Sword around him to generate colorful flames and then throw an avatar of a bird from it at his opponents. This was a counterpart to the Beast Wolf Omegadia attack performed by Galza.

Appearances: Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, Kiramager Episodes 1-23, Mashin Sentai Kiramager The Movie: Bee-Bop Dream, 24-45

Go Kiramai Red

"(Rock music) Mabushisugiruze!"
―Transformation announcement via Kiraful Go Arrow[src]

Using the Kiraful Go Arrow, Juru and/or his teammates can access this powerful Kiramager Form by pressing on the red button that symbolizes a Go Kiramager Form and then firing the arrow to transform into his Go Kiramager Form allowing him to become Go Kiramai Red. In this form he has access to the Kiraful Go Arrow and a mecha that he can use in battle against Yodonheim and their Jamenshi. However, this form can only last about 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds) for the remainder of their time in battle. After which they have to recharge in order to use this form again.




Sparkling Phoenix (スパークリングフェニックス Supākuringu Fenikkusu): Go Kiramai Red unleashes a huge, fiery, sparkling phoenix construct from the Kiraful Go Arrow, which disperses into countless homing energy arrows that rain down on the target, destroying it.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 26-27, 29-30, 32-34, 36-37, 39-42

Transformation and Roll Call

Legend Sentai Devices

Kiramai Red Ranger Key

The Kiramai Red Ranger Key (キラメイレッドレンジャーキー Kiramei Reddo Renjā Kī) is Juru's personal Ranger Key released as part of the "Ranger Key Memorial Edition - After Gokai Hero Set". The Kiramai Red Ranger Key was mainly used by Captain Marvelous (Gokai Red), who used it to fight as Kiramai Red. It was also used by Ahim de Famille (Gokai Pink) on one occasion.

Kiramager Soul

Kiramager Soul (Knight Mode)

  • KiramagerSoul - The RyuSoul associated with the Kiramagers. It enables access to the Kirame Armor.

"44 Ban!"
―Sentai Gear equipping announcement after turning the handle

"Banban! Banban!"
―Standby announcement

"Baban! Baban! Baban! Baban! Ba-Ba-Ba-Ban! Kiramager!"
―Past Sentai ability announcement

―Sentai Gear equipping announcement after turning the Geardalinger's steering wheel

"Yousoro! Sentai ni Revolution!"
―Past Sentai ability announcement with Geardalinger

Kiramager Gear

Kiramager Gear (Kikai Side)

The Kiramager Gear (キラメイジャーギア Kirameijā Gia) is one of many Sentai Gears used by the Zenkaigers to battle the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo. In particular, when used by a Zenkaiger’s Geartlinger, the Kiramager Gear summons the Mashin to attack.

KSZe-Kiramager Gear (Super Red Ver.).png

(Kikai Side)

Kiramager Gear (Super Red Ver.) (キラメイジャーギア (スーパーレッドVer。) Kirameijā Gia (Sūpā Reddo Bāshion))


Behind the Scenes


  • Juru Atsuta is portrayed by Rio Komiya (小宮 璃央 Komiya Rio). As Kiramai Red, his suit actor is Shigeki Ito (伊藤茂騎 Itō Shigeki), who previously served as suit actor for Ryusoul Red.


  • Juru is 180 cm tall.[2]
  • Juru's name is a wordplay/corruption of the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "jewel" (ジュエル Jueru). He is also named after the Joule, a unit of energy. [3]
  • Juru's actor Rio Komiya himself came up with Juru's famous "Insparklation" pose.[4]
  • The cover design of Juru's sketchbook was created specifically for the show, and was used on merchandise versions as part of Kiramager's marketing. Although it was only seen in red onscreen, the merchandise line features yellow, green, pink and blue versions of the sketchbook available alongside the red version.



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