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"Dinosaur Power, Zenkai Jurann! (恐竜パワー, ゼンカイジュラン! Kyōryū Pawā, Zenkai Juran!)[1]"
―Zenkai Juran's Roll Call[src]

"Bulk Waste Power! Zenkai Juran!"
―Zenkai Juran’s Roll Call in episode 6

"Bickering Power! Zenkai Juran!"
―Zenkai Juran’s Roll Call in episode 18

Juran (ジュラン Juran) is Zenkai Juran (ゼンカイジュラン Zenkai Juran), the Red Ranger of the Zenkaigers in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.[2][3][4] He is one of the first two Zenkaigers to be awakened, Juran himself acting second-in-command to Zenkaizer.

Character History


Juran once had a teacher whose beard looked like Magnet World. When he was a kid, he had to do summer homework, which he considered a drag.

One day, when he was playing with a group of Kikainoid kids, he saw a young Magine and welcomed her to the group.

Arrviving on Earth

Juran was one of the Kikainoids who were mysteriously transported to Earth one month ago. As the Kikainoids quickly integrated with humans, he also tried his best to get in with them. When Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo launched an invasion on Earth and terrorized its inhabitants, Juran engaged them and saved a kid. Witnessing his kindness, Kaito Goshikida gave him a Geartlinger, which allowed him to transform into Zenkai Juran.

After the first battle, Juran came to take shelter at Yatsude Goshikida's shop.Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 1-kai! The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!


Juran thinks of himself as calm and reserved, but in reality he is an annoyingly stubborn Kikainoid. He loves parties and being the center of attention. He easily makes friends, especially Kaito. Despite this, he took a bit longer to get along with Gaon, as the two of them constantly bickered during their first meeting. Due to his party-loving nature, he often dances to the Geartlinger's music.

Juran often serves as Kaito's mentor about the Tojitendo empire, having lived under its oppressive ways for several years. He is, however, rather slack, primarily due to his laid-back nature. Juran is also one for hanging around children, and will play with them when allowed the chance. This extends to playing with a young Magine and protecting a human child from an attacking Kudakk.

Powers and Abilities

Juran's arm-mounted LED lights

  • Kikainoid Physiology: As a robotic being, Juran displays the following abilities:
    • Poison Spore Immunity: All Kikainoids are completely unaffected by the poisonous spores produced by Mushroom World's mushrooms, which caused shortness of breath in organic lifeforms.
    • LED Lights: Although not as prominent as Gaon's built-in lights, Juran's forearms and lower legs also come equipped with light-blue LED lights, which allow him (and possibly others) to see in the dark when activated.


  • Back pain: As the eldest of the core Zenkaigers, Juran's health is less than optimal, and makes him susceptible to having back pain. While he frequently bemoans about it in taxing fights, it has not properly stopped him from a proper fight yet.
  • Phasmophobia: Juran absolutely despises ghosts, and often flees whenever he encounters one.


Zenkai Juran

"Juu-Roku Bang! Bang Bang! Bang Bang! Bang Bang! Babababang! Zenkai Juran!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 195 cm[5]
  • Weight: 340 kg
  • Speed: 100 km/h
  • Power: 1400

While all the Zenkaigers excel at gunmanship, Zenkai Juran uses a fighting style emphasizing combat prowess, often charging into battle and using the Juran Sword to slash and hack apart the enemy while the Juran Shield is used to either defend against attackers or slam into the opponent.

Zenkai Juran can also spew fire from the Tyrannosaurus head on his chest. He used this ability to set his Juran Sword and Gaon's Gaon Claw on fire to properly combat Magnet World's magnetism.


Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 1-

"Big Bang! Go! Go! Go-Go Go! Zenkai Juran!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

By switching his Sentai Gear to its Kikai Side, Zenkai Juran grows larger, allowing him to fight the Kudaitests. Zenkai Juran can transform into his mecha form, JuranTyranno (ジュランティラノ JuranTirano). In this form, Juran can combine as the left half of any standard ZenkaiOh combination, but with the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon forms the right arm of Zenryoku ZenkaiOh.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 1-

Transformation and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


  • Juran is named after the Super Sentai team Zyuranger.


  • Zenkai Juran is:
    • The first core team Red Ranger to not feature at the head of the team's roll call.
    • The first core Sentai Red Ranger to not be the lead protagonist of the show.
    • The only Kikainoid Zenkaiger whose past robot basis did not come from the 2000s, coming instead from the 1990s.
    • The only Kikainoid Zenkaiger whose actor has had a previous voice role in Super Sentai.
  • Though his name is based on Zyuranger, official merchandise romanizes his name as "Juran" instead. [7]
  • Juran is the only Kikainoid Zenkaiger with a sculpted mouth design. The others feature primarily a faceplate or implied mouths.



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