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Giganoid -8

A monster based on Jupiter.

Jupiter is the fifth planet out from the Sun. Immensely larger than Earth, Jupiter was struck by the Shoemaker-Levy comet in 1994, however, it failed to disrupt the planet's orbit despite the destructive power of the impact being a billion times that of an atomic bomb.

Notability in the franchises

Super Sentai

With the assistance of Visionary Messenger Voffa, Mikoto Nakadai uses the planet Jupiter as part of a means for a game against the Abaranger. With the power of Giganoid 8: Jupiter, he has the planet leave it's orbit with the intent of making it collide with Earth, destroying the world and killing all life instantly. The Abaranger are forced to remove the Giganoid from an astronomical control center and destroy it; upon doing so, Jupiter returned to it's regular orbit and the threat to Earth ended.Ep. 34: Let's Play the Game! Assault Planet Abare

Power Rangers

Mega Voyager, a special Megazord activated by data cards that had fallen in the hands of criminals, was stored away on one of Jupiter's moons. After Andros wins the cards in a duel on planet Onyx, the Rangers head to the moon and fight off Astronema's forces in order to activate the Mega Voyager and use it against a rampaging Darkonda.Flashes of DarkondaThe Rangers' Mega Voyage

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