This article is about a/an Metaloid in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.
"Ready boss!"
―Junkloid's first words after Enter commanded it to disable Beet J. Stag.[src]
―Junkloid's final words before its death.[src]

The Junkloid (ジャンクロイド, Jankuroido) is Metaloid created by Enter that appears in the Go-Busters Special DVD.


Junkloid is made up of parts of previously destroyed Metaloids, and its body consists of DenshaZord's body, TireZord's legs, Sprayloid's right arm, Tubaloid's left arm, and Needleloid's head, but is able to swap out his limbs for other Metaloid components, namely the arms of Cutterloid, Shovelloid, and SpannerZord. was destroyed by one shot from Red Buster's Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode and an energy swipe from Masato Jin's DriBlade.


  • Uniquely for any monster in either Go-Busters, Power Rangers, or any other Super Sentai season, the speech for Junkloid is both completely in capitals and in the style of the creation text displayed for other Metaloids.



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