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Junichi Yamane (山根 淳一 Yamane Junichi) is a member of the Air Force of the Guardians of World Peace and a friend of Takayuki Hiba.

Character History

In the past, he was also under consideration to be the replacement Vul Eagle after the departure of Ryuusuke Oowashi and trained with Hiba for the position prior to his friend being selected to replace Oowashi after he is sent to NASA.

As the Guardians of World Peace continue to believe in the continued threat and menace of Black Magma, they decide to invest in creating a second mecha to assist them; Yamane is chosen to pilot this mecha and is asked to join with Sun Vulcan in vehicle training to prepare for its creation. However with this vehicle a possible threat to Black Magma, they decide to try and stop it before it is completely developed. Seemingly making a deal with Yamane, they ask him to sneak into Vulcan Base with the new position and steal the plans for the new GWP weapon, turning it over to them so they could either develop it first or use it to find the weaknesses within Sun Vulcan Robo. Due to Yamane's deal, Hiba begins to doubt in the trust he has in his friend and wonders whose side he is on.

However, Yamane only goes along with Black Magma's plot due to actually being a double agent, deciding to try to use a fake set of plans to sneak into Iron Claw Castle and assassinate Hell Saturn to drive a major blow to the machine empire! As soon as he's found out, Amazon Killer and the Zero Girls pursue him, with Hiba ultimately coming to his aid to protect him from their wrath. After a long pursuit, they are able to escape and prevent the plans from falling into their hands and Hiba and Yamane's friendship is re-established.


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Junichi Yamane is portrayed by Michiro Iida, who would later voice both the Dark Knight in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman and the female Adjutant Shiima in Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Behind the Scenes

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