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"Jungle Pride Megazord!"
―Jungle Fury Rangers[src]

The Jungle Pride Megazord is the combination of three rangers' spirits as Jungle Beasts. It combines all three main Jungle Beasts.


The Jungle Pride Megazord is quite agile and can handle various types of hand-to-hand combat. It lacks any blast weapons but utilizes upper-body or lower body spin-attacks as finishers. It's most common formation is with the tiger as it's upper and lower body and the cheetah and jaguar as legs. The tails of the three main Jungle Beasts form the Jungle Setsukon, a massive rope like weapon to whip the monsters with. Though it lacks ranged attacks of any kind, the Jungle Pride Megazord makes up for it with impressive speed and hand-to-hand combat abilities.

Although it can combine with other Animal Spirits for additional power, the Jungle Pride Megazord's primary finisher is the Savage Spin. Said attack involves energizing its hands with golden energy and spinning its body 360 degrees around repeatedly and advancing quickly on the enemy. Once close enough, it would repeatedly strike the enemy across the face with its energized fists, turning them to stone and making them explode. However, this finisher was utterly useless against those with superior armor (since they shrugged it off completely) or beings made out of non-solid matter (the blows passing right through them).


The Jungle Pride Megazord's main method of combat is linked to the simultaneous actions of the Rangers inside, seen throughout all its appearances. Each ranger is connected to each of their spirit's physical manifestation and to the Megazord as a whole, as seen when they are attacked and knocked down.

In one particular case, when the Rangers were fighting Monkeywi in Friends Don't Fade Away, Monkeywi attacked the Cheetah Animal Spirit leg of the Megazord, not only affecting the team but seemingly injuring Lily more than the others, removing her from the fight and forcing RJ to step in with his Wolf Animal Spirit and help finish the fight.

Animal Spirits

The Jungle Beasts, also known as Animal Spirits, Jungle Spirits, or Beast Spirits, serve as both the spirit/energy manifestation and zords of the Jungle Fury Power Rangers, Dai Shi, Camille, and Whiger. They are solidified representations of each of their beast spirits. It is notable that these zords/spirits can be accessed even in non-Zord skirmishes and serve as finishers for each Ranger.

Tiger Animal Spirit

See also: GekiTiger

The Tiger is the Jungle Fury Red Ranger's animal spirit.

Its spirit is usually summoned during skirmishes to battle the Rinshi, as opposed to Roar Max Zords which are used to battle giant Rinshi beasts. Glowing with red energy, it usually charges at opponents once summoned and tugs at them rather mercilessly with its bites or tackles them with sheer force.

It solidifies into a Zord and forms the torso, head and arms of the Jungle Pride Megazord. The Red Ranger summons his Jungle Beast by saying "Call to the beast inside! Free the Tiger!" It also has the ability to pounce on and crush the opposition with Tiger Strength Attack.

RJ, the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, has the ability to duplicate this spirit and combine it with his own to form Wolf Pride Megazord.

Jimmy, a student in Casey's Karate class, in the episode "Tigers Fall Lions Rise", also has the Tiger spirit.

Jaguar Animal Spirit

See also: GekiJaguar

The Jaguar is the Jungle Fury Blue Ranger's beast spirit. It solidifies into a zord and forms the left leg of the Jungle Pride Megazord.

When released it usually does front flips and spins to attack its opponents, as opposed to the Cheetah and Tiger spirits who charge at the opponent outright.

The Blue Ranger summons his Jungle Beast by saying "Call to the beast inside! Unleash the jaguar!"

RJ, the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, has the ability to duplicate this spirit and combine it with his own to form the Wolf Pride Megazord.

Cheetah Animal Spirit

See also: GekiCheetah

The Cheetah is the Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger's animal spirit.

Like the Tiger Animal Spirit, it charges at opponents, but at a higher speed. It is usually summoned to battle the Rinshi footsoldiers.

It solidifies into a zord and forms the right leg of the Jungle Pride Megazord on most occasions. At times though, it gives way to the Wolf Animal Spirit.

The Yellow Ranger summons her Jungle Beast by saying "Call to the beast inside! Bring out the cheetah!"

Other Combinations

Jungle Pride Megazord with Elephant Power

The Elephant Animal Spirit can combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to form the Jungle Pride with Elephant Power. To form it, the Elephant would split apart, with its legs and flanks forming shoulder armor, the tusks and mouth forming a helmet over the Jungle Pride's regular head, whilst the 'upper' head and trunk become the Jungle Mace weapon. The Megazord could use the mace to batter enemies and throw them great distances with one hit and even affect slippery enemies like Slickagon. It was formed for the first time to fight Pangolin after Master Phant taught Lily the Elephant Technique to defeat the monster's otherwise indestructible armor.

The finisher for the Jungle Pride With Elephant Power is the Jungle Mace Spin Attack where it grabs the very end of the Jungle Mace and then spins it around at high speed to charge up with green energy. Once it gains enough momentum, the Rangers then launch it straight at the enemy to slam into them with lethal force and was strong enough to stop Pangolin's Pangolin Rolling Attack mid-charge.

Appearances: JF Episodes 8-10, 12-13

Jungle Pride Megazord with Bat Power

The Bat Animal Spirit can combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to form the Jungle Pride with Bat Power. The Bat Animal Spirit clips onto the back of the Animal Spirit whilst its tail and covers the Megazord's head and face as a helmet. It was formed for the first time to fight Bai Lai and Carden after Theo learnt the Bat Technique from Master Swoop since the Jungle Master Megazord was unable to reach them in the skies.

With this animal spirit, the Jungle Pride Megazord gains the ability to fly using the wings on its underside and to maul monsters with the razor sharp bat wings. It can also spin quickly on the spot for the Bat Technique Wind Tunnel to pummel its enemies in a cyclone of wind to weaken them for the finisher.

Said finisher is the Swoop Attack where the Rangers charge yellow energy into the right wing to unleash a devastating horizontal energy slash into the monster.

Appearances: JF Episodes 10-11, 13

Jungle Pride Megazord with Shark Power

The Shark Animal Spirit can combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to form the Jungle Pride with Shark Power. It has the most simple transformation sequence out of all three of the additional combinations: the fins and flanks separate to form wrist blades, and the main body of the Shark Animal Spirit completely covering the Jungle Pride Megazord's head to form a new one. After learning the technique from Master Finn, Casey has some trouble with it due to Crustaceo having the ability to control it but it is fully under his control by the second battle due to resolving Master Finn's issues with RJ.

In this form, the Jungle Pride Megazord gains the ability to quickly maneuver through water by wiggling its body. The Jungle Pride With Shark Power's finisher is the Mega Rotation Launch where the Megazord leaps into the air and charges the shark head up with blue energy, It would launches through the air whilst spinning in full circles to drill straight through the enemy. When underwater, the Mega Rotation Launch involves just jetting forward with incredible speed.

Appearances: JF Episodes 12-13

Jungle Pride Megazord with Wolf Power (Wolf Pride Megazord)

The Wolf Pride Megazord can combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to form the Jungle Pride With Wolf Power. However, it was only used in the battle against Monkeywi, due to him having earlier crippled the Cheetah Animal Spirit and thus the Megazord by extension. Whilst in this combination, the Megazord gains a blade on its new right leg to deliver multiple gut kicks and a sideways strike to the monster's gut with the blade.

The finisher is simply named Spin Fury and involves flinging the leg blade into the Wolf's mouth where it is charged up with purple energy. The Megazord then kicks its leg sideways, firing the blade forth to rip through enemies who then turn to stone and explode.

Appearances: JF Episode 16

Ultimate Megazord

After Jarrod and Camille turned good, the Lion Animal Spirit and Chameleon Animal Spirit could combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to form the Ultimate Megazord. in this mode, the Megazord finally gains a sword (formed from the Lion Animal Spirits head and neck) and the Chameleon Animal Spirit attaches onto the Megazord's left arm as a rope-gun.

The name of this formation is only known because of the toyline and it was never used by itself in the series proper aside from once being used as part of a greater combination to defeat Scorch.

Appearances: JF Episode 31

Other Combinations


Legendary Ranger Devices

Jungle Pride Dino Charger

The Jungle Pride Megazord represents the Jungle Fury Rangers for the Jungle Fury Dino Charger, released as part of Dino Charger Power Pack Series 3 with each charger depicting four pictures. In Jungle Fury's case, it featured the Jungle Fury Red Ranger, the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, the Jungle Pride Megazord, and the Jungle Fury title. This Charger was paired with the Mystic Force Dino Charger.

Jungle Pride Megazord Ninja Power Star

The Jungle Pride Megazord Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the Jungle Pride Megazord and is marked with the kanji for "machine". This star was originally a part of the Ninja Steel toyline, but was ultimately never released.


  • The toy version was made from a new Bandai America mold, designed to work with other transforming zords.
  • A Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord was also released in the Bandai America line; it is only compatible with the Deluxe Jungle Master Megazord. However, it is compatible with the Gekiranger toy from Bandai Japan as it is a rerelease from that line.
  • A Micro Zords version was also made. Aside from the show-based version, another set was released in Jungle Pride-inspired design and colors but with redesigned Zords, themed after vehicles.
  • A Retrofire Megazords version was also released. It was stylized and had extended claws.
  • A 5-inch Megazords version was released with a few Jungle Fury Adventure Sets.
  • The concept of the Megazord having three different 'terrain power' settings when merged with other Zords (Shark granting sea abilities, Bat granting sky abilities, and Elephant granting land abilities) may have been a factor in the augmented variants of Gosei Great Megazord.


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