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The Jungle Master Megazord is the combination of the main three Jungle Fury Rangers' newly acquired spirits, the Gorilla, Penguin and Antelope as Jungle Beasts.


These spirits were acquired after a trial by three of the greatest Pai Zhua masters. They can only be used in conjunction with Jungle Master Mode. To form this, the Penguin Animal Spirit would fuse with its hoverbord to form a leg as the Antelope folds itself into another. Meanwhile, the Gorilla Animal Spirit's chest folds out to form a symbol even as the legs fuse to it (its own vanishing) as the back of its head folds forwards to form a "helmet."

It is much stronger than the Jungle Pride Megazord and can easily take down even the most powerful of enemies. The finisher for this Megazord is simply called the Jungle Master Fury Fists where the Megazord would charge it's fists up with red fire and charge at the monster, swinging them around in the process, It would then smack it's hands into the monster, fatally wounding them and making them turn to stone before exploding. In it's first use however, each blow reduced more and more of the Shadow Guard Black to dust, until just the waist is left where it then explodes.

Animal Spirits

Gorilla Animal Spirit

See also: GekiGorilla

The Gorilla Animal Spirit is Jungle Fury Red Ranger's second animal spirit/zord. After Casey conquered his fears and passed Master Rilla's test, he gained the ability to summon it.
Gorilla is Master Rilla's spirit pass to Casey along with the Jungle Master power.

It forms the head, arms and entire body of the Jungle Master Megazord.

Antelope Animal Spirit

See also: GekiGazelle

The Antelope Animal Spirit is Jungle Fury Blue Ranger's second animal spirit/zord. After Theo passed Master Lope's test, he gained the ability to summon it.

It forms the left leg of the Jungle Master Megazord.

Penguin Animal Spirit

See also: GekiPenguin

The Penguin Animal Spirit is Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger's second animal spirit/zord. After Lily passed Master Guin's test, she gained the ability to summon it. It is unique from the other Animal Spirits in that it has its own vehicle, a board.

The board and the Penguin combine to become the right leg of the Jungle Master Megazord. The front of the board also disconnects to form the helmet of the Megazord.

Other Combinations

Jungle Master Megazord with Elephant Power

The Elephant Animal Spirit can combine with the Jungle Master Megazord to form the Jungle Master Megazord with Elephant Power. To form this, the the Elephant would split apart with its legs forming shoulder armor and the body vanishing as the head and neck become a mace weapon dubbed the Jungle Mace. With it, they can spin it fast enough to deflect distanced enemy attacks or use it to wrap around enemies' torsos and repeatedly slamming them into the ground.

The finisher for the Jungle Master Megazord With Elephant Power is the Jungle Mace Spin where it takes the balled end and swings it in a big circle to charge up with green energy before throwing it forth to drop down on the enemy with lethal force. It was strong enough to both stop Porcupongo's spin attack and destroy him. Appearances: JF Episode 15, 23

Jungle Master Megazord With Shark Power

The Shark Animal Spirit can combine with the Jungle Master Megazord to form the Jungle Master Megazord with Shark Power. The fins of the shark would slip off to form wrist blades and the main body of the Shark Animal Spirit (sans the head which just vanishes) attaches over the top of the Jungle Master Megazord's head to form a new one.

It's only attack is its unnamed finisher where it charges up its wrist blades to cut monsters into tiny pieces which explode. This was only used against Hamhock. Appearances: JF Episode 15

Jungle Master Megazord With Bat Power

The Bat Animal Spirit can combine with the Jungle Master Megazord to form the Jungle Master Megazord with Shark Power. It has the simplest transformation in the entire season, the main Bat Spirit body fusing to the Megazord's back. With this attached, it can fly and finish monsters off with a barrage of energy punches.

It was initially used to reach and finish off Whirnado when he tried to escape after being hit by the Wolf Pride Megazord's Spin Fury attack. Later, it was used to reach the Rhino Nexus to try and outpace the Overlords but then had to fight a giant sized Grizzaka and end up getting completely defeated.

Appearances: JF Episodes 20, 21


  • The Gorilla Animal Spirit (in its Megazord body form), the Penguin Animal Spirit and the Antelope Animal Spirit can combine with the Wolf Animal Spirit and Rhino Steel Zord to form the Jungle Master Stampede.



  • A Jungle Master Megazord was released in Jungle Fury (toyline). This was a new Bandai America mold designed to work with other transforming zords.
  • A Deluxe Jungle Master Megazord was also released in the Bandai America line; it was only compatible with the Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord.
    • However, it is also compatible with the Gekiranger mecha from Bandai Japan as it is a re-release from that line.
  • A Micro Zords version was also made.


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